A cashmere scarf has the power to make an impact on an otherwise plain look. Whether worn around the neck, waist or head, a scarf – plain or with designed, is in itself a statement. Some people wear it as a fashion item while for others it is for religious reasons. Either way, a cashmere scarf must be on every woman’s closet for when the need to wear one arises.

Cashmere scarves are made of a fiber which is obtained from cashmere and other types of goats as well. This fabric is strong, light, and soft with fine texture, thus makes garments made from cashmere excellent for insulation. This makes it very popular during the cold months and is part of most every winter line of fashion houses big and small.

How to wear a cashmere scarf

Not many people know how to fashionably use a cashmere scarf. They are simply content with using it according to purpose. What they miss out is the great fashion potential that a scarf has on any outfit. This should not be too hard, since most cashmere scarf women use are available in designs/colors/patterns that would pair easily with most clothing designs. Add the fact that scarves never go out of style, this makes it even easier.

stylish cashmere scarf

Here are a few ways to wear your cashmere scarves:

  • A cashmere scarf looks great when worn with a top and jeans or with a tunic top and leggings. A black cashmere scarf, for example, paired with a dark gray tunic and black leggings with black pumps or booties would be a most welcome punctuation to an Adele-inspired look. Playing with the colors of this ensemble would bring a different flavor each time.

  • A turtleneck worn with a long cashmere scarf draping around the chest or simply hanging from both shoulders and paired with some cashmere gloves is an awesome look. It is a look that suggests scholarly and professional, without going geeky but rather high fashion.

  • A scarf can also be used to update an old fashioned jewelry like brooches. A brooch can be used to secure a scarf or shawl for a fashionable look. Play with a Meryl Streep inspired look from the Devil Wears Prada when trying this brooch-scarf pair.

pretty cashmere infinity scarf

  • A new kind of scarves, called the infinity scarves, is fast gaining popularity in the fashion markets today. They are just like ordinary scarves in every way, except that they do not have fringed endings. In fact, they do not have ends, hence the name infinity. These circular scarves do not require you to loop it around your neck; you just have to wear it over, double-loop for a tighter, warmer piece, or just leave hanging as is for the laid back, early spring look. More and more celebrities have been spotted wearing a trendy cashmere infinity scarf over their otherwise non-celebrity-esque look.

With a little sense of fashion and a lot of searching on the Internet and in fashion magazines, you can find for yourself infinite ideas on how to wear your scarves fashionably. Invest on good scarves and you’ll be surprised at just how much they can improve your whole wardrobe, without even trying too hard!