Taking good care of your face is one important task everybody needs to do. There are numerous treatments one can opt for today and one in particular is the European facial treatment. A European facial is not just any old facial treatment for your skin. A European facial treatment consists of 4 main parts and is one of the main facials of choice for people who like to indulge in high-end spa treatments. Listed below are the 4 key components of a European facial, detailing exactly how you will be left feeling a million times better after you have had one.

european facial features for delicate skin

1) The first thing that happens is the cleaning stage. There are numerous facial cleaning products that can be applied to the face in order to remove the surface oil and dirt, much in the same way that you would rinse the loose dirt off a car before giving it a more thorough clean with a sponge. Of course, the particular European facial techniques and specific cleaning products will be chosen based on the type of skin you have, whether it be predominantly, dry, oily, or somewhere in between. More care will be taken if you have overly sensitive or mature age skin too.

european facial spa treatment

2) Immediately following the initial cleansing process, the next step is extraction. This is the most delicate and involved step and should only be undertaken by a professional who is skilled at performing European facials. Blackheads, whiteheads and other visible blemishes which we all hate are removed during the extraction phase, but it is done so in a manner that is kind to your skin. The last thing you want is visible or permanent redness or scarring.

3) After the face has been thoroughly cleaned and most impurities removed, the next step in the European facial process is to have a deep and comprehensive exfoliation. There is the choice of using a physical exfoliating object or using an exfoliating scrub. Again, one of the main European facial features is that it is tailored to your individual needs. If you know that a chemical exfoliant is going to upset your skin, then you are under no obligation to use one.

european facial treatment chocolate mask

4) The fourth and final stage of the facial is the restorative stage. Cream is applied to your face to help nourish the skin and help repair the slight damage that was sustained during the previous three steps, though if you get it done professionally there won’t be any damage and the cream mainly acts as a moisturizer. The act of massaging in the cream also acts to stimulate blood flow near of the surface of the skin to rejuvenate your looks.

european facial skin care techniques

If you want to opt for something different at the end of your European facial then you can maybe have some toner applied to your face instead or to properly complete the whole process, a soothing and relaxing facial mask would be the best way to go to fully reinvigorate your skin and leave you feeling really good. If you plan to use such European facial treatment technique, make sure you do enough research on the products and substances you put to your face. Have good idea on the possible outcomes if might cause to your skin since not everything you put to your face would produce positive results. Still, consulting experts about European facial treatments is highly encouraged to ensure desired results.