Today there is a fast growing use of wireless technology. But there are those who prefer to use wired LAN through use of Ethernet adapter. Problems arise when you need to add another computer or device to the network. You can resolve this by using an Ethernet splitter which enables two or more computers or network devices to be linked to a router using a single cable. Ethernet cable splitter can divide internet connections to more than one computer depending on the number of ports there are.

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Ethernet Splitter DIY

Ethernet splitter can help you to connect two computers at the same time on one Ethernet cable. Ethernet splitters may cost up to twenty US dollars but you can save by making your own. It is quite simple to make you own splitter and if you choose to do so you will require two RJ45 keystone jacks, super glue, electrical tape, an Ethernet cable, and a crimping tool.

Below are the guidelines on how to make an Ethernet splitter.

  • Crimp an end of the cable splitter to expose the wires inside. Leave the end with the Ethernet attached.
  • Open and follow the instructions given in the RJ45 package keystone jacks. Keystone jacks have a snap for opening and closing.
  • Put the wires into the pins on the RJ45keystone jacks in this order: 1st pin connects with the blue and white wire; 2nd pin connects with the blue wire; 3rd pin connects with the brown and white wire; and 4th pin connects with the brown wire.
  • Join the jacks together using super glue. Close the top of the jacks and wrap electrical wiring tape on any wires left bare
  • Plug in the splitter to the Ethernet port splitter in the router or modem, and then plug the cable splitter and network device into the Ethernet splitter.

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Rj45 coupler is an Ethernet coupler that allows you to add other devices to your Ethernet cable. They are of great importance as they help in reducing transmission noises and make several connections possible.

An Ethernet splitter has its various benefits especially when it comes to connectivity. This splitter lets you plug more than one computer to one network connection. This reduces costs that would be incurred if wiring was done. Its use makes sharing of information and networking in large organization possible and very efficient. They are also easy to install and maintain. With the above benefits, you are sure to get the splitter when you want to do networking.