No matter whether you are a technical person, student or just a curious person, metal detectors have always been a fascinating topic for all. If you are that interested with metal detectors, you must also know how to use metal detectors. In this article, you will learn the essentials and how to use metal detectors.


Metal detectors are used for detecting the presence of any metal in the nearby surroundings. You can easily find metal detectors used for security purposes to find weapons or harmful objects in airports, railway stations, bus stations or any public place. Metal detectors have been a favorite toy for people who are interested in treasure hunting or mining.

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Basic Parts

Most of the people have a perception that metal detectors are very complex and high tech devices but in reality anyone can learn how to use metal detectors. It has three basic parts, namely:

  • Coil: Coil comes in different shapes. They are a key element for the effective working of the device. Power through the coil generates a field around it. Change in the intensity of the field helps detect metals in the surrounding.
  • Power Supply: It usually takes very low power and can be run through batteries.
  • Control Box: This is the part that is triggered when there is metal detected.

 How to Use Metal Detectors

Using a metal detector is a simple procedure. All you have to do is to make sure you have properly brought the detector. Here are some basic steps on how to use metal detectors.

  • Select the area you need to detect presence of any metal.
  • Hold the metal detector in your hand.
  • Slowly swing it around the area horizontally making sure you had not missed any place. It is just like painting your wall without missing any gap.
  • The metal detector would give a beep whenever it comes in close vicinity of the metal. It gives a slight sound to detect light metals and a high pitch sound on detecting heavy metals.

Things to Observe

People wanting to know how to use metal detectors can easily use the above steps. But some things should be kept in mind while using metal detectors.

  • Not following the proper speed while swinging the metal detector may give false results.
  • They also require proper maintenance and protection from extreme temperature and humidity and should always be kept in proper working conditions.
  • A low priced metal detector may also lead to lesser sensitivity. A very precise metal detector can be very expensive. So a slight compromise has to be made between price and quality as per where you want to use these metal detectors.
  • On the positive side, it is certainly handy and light in weight.

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When purchasing, buy from reliable detectors such as Minelab metal detectors. Majority of the people trusts and uses these detectors due to its high level of accuracy and ease of use. Now that you know how to use metal detectors, you can enjoy your purchased detector and use it effectively for whatever purpose it might serve you.