Most women love to dress up and go out on the town and in order to do that and look sleek and stylish, you need to include some womens accessories to go along with your wardrobe. Some of the essential womens accessories are the things that every woman should have in her closet no matter what style she wants to portray.

Most Essential Womens Accessories

Here are just a few choices of some womens accessories that can help to brighten up your wardrobe for just about any occasion:

Cardigans Sweaters

All women should own a few cardigan button- up sweaters as part of their essential womens accessories. They can be in any color that matches your outfits, but basic colors usually include white, tan, black, and grey. These are neutral shades that go with all of your womens accessories so you can match and mix them you’re your other outfit pieces.


Scarves are another important addition to womens accessories that all women should have in several colors. You can add a pretty scarf to just about anything and make it more sexy and special. A bright and cheery scarf as part of your essential womens accessories can bring that little black dress from blah to wow in just a few seconds, so be sure to have several colors of scarves in your closet.

Black Heels Shoes

Another standard of all womens accessories is some black heels shoes as they can go with just about anything from jeans to dresses. You may want to have several pairs of these in different styles so that you will have a choice of heel sizes and can pair them up and be comfortable too. Black is a best bet too because it doesn’t show scuffs or dirt as easily as white heels and it is a slimming color to boot.

Assorted Women's Accessories

Little Black Dress

What women don’t have at least one little black dress as part of her womens accessories? It’s a good idea to have at least one of these in your closet because you can pair it up and make almost anything go with it when you need to get dressed in a hurry, but still look sexy or stylish. Pair one up with a feather necklace for that snazzy style that will wow your date on Saturday night!


Some women practically live in jeans as part of their womens accessories. You can make them for everyday use or even make them more special and classy depending on the shirt, shoes and other womens accessories you wear with them.

White Shirt With a Collar

Be sure to have at least one white shirt with a collar as part of your womens accessories too. These go with everything and you can be casual in one with a pair of jeans or more formal by pairing it up with a nice pencil style skirt for work.