Kitchen fixtures are an important part of the kitchen. In order for your kitchen to look perfect, you have to be careful about the kitchen fixtures. Here are some of the fixtures that are a must have. Hence, planning is very crucial to ensure that your kitchen is well-organized and have a good flow especially for kitchens that are typically occupied and used by several people. Here are some tips you can use to manage and plan the placement of kitchen fixtures properly.

All About Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen Fixtures Placement and Installation Tips

  • Kitchen Light Fixtures: Your kitchen has to be inviting and well lit. This is why having the right kitchen fixtures is a must. It doesn’t matter what your budget is. You will easily find fixtures for your kitchen. This is because there are many different types of fixtures. There are flush mounts, kitchen island lights, wall scones, ceiling pendants, under cabinet lights, and so much more. Flush mounts are the most affordable of them all. They are easily available and very popular. Kitchen island lights on the other hand are chandeliers that are specific for kitchen islands. The others are also specific based on the task. Lighting kitchen fixtures should be placed literally all over the kitchen to provide good vision when preparing or cooking food.


  • Kitchen Countertops: Stainless steel countertops are of good quality even though some might think they are a tad overpriced. They are durable and tough and can be maintained easily. Granite and marble countertops are also very durable but they can be expensive. They are usually for decorative purposes. They bring in class and sophisticated to your kitchen. Laminate countertops on the other hand are easiest to clean but there are other options. Installing these kitchen fixtures is critical. Too few and you might run out of space to prepare food and place countertop devices. Too many and the kitchen would be cramped.


Cool Glass Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen

  • Kitchen Faucet: A faucet may also be called a tap and no matter what your budget is or what the design of your kitchen is, you will easily find a faucet that fits your preference. However, it is important to keep the theme of your kitchen in mind when you buy a faucet. The controls also play an important role. You could choose two taps, one for cold water and one for hot. Such faucets will be of the twist type. Lift and turn type faucets are also a popular choice. New models come with a nozzle that sprays water like the shower head but this is not convenient for kitchen purposes. These kitchen fixtures should be strategic wherein all water dependent appliances would be near it like your dishwasher.


  • Kitchen Islands: These kitchen fixtures are necessary if you want more space in your kitchen. They are called islands because they are placed in the middle of the kitchen. There are three different types of kitchen islands and they are stationary, butcher block and mobile. The names of these define their functioning. While buying these, make sure you know how much space is available in the kitchen for them, the use and purpose of the island and the number of people it can accommodate.


  • Kitchen cabinets: Kitchen cabinets are also important in the kitchen wherein it will store food, wares, pots, pans and so on. Choosing the cabinet door design is perhaps the most crucial aspect in selecting the cabinet as a whole. Glass cabinet doors are the most preferred for its elegance and the ability to see the contents inside. Solid and roll type cabinet doors are cheaper but roll type can be difficult to fix once the sliding door jumps off its track.


  • Kitchen Appliances: There are numerous appliances that are considered fixtures since most are large or simply wouldn’t go anywhere else but in its assigned location. Such appliance kitchen fixtures include refrigerators, dishwashers, oven and others. The list would be longer for kitchens of commercial establishments with gigantic food processors. It is very essential to assign them somewhere in the kitchen wherein the flow of work will be efficient.


Based on this information about kitchen fixtures, you can model your kitchen perfectly. Remember that these kitchen fixtures are typically permanently placed in the kitchen. So aside from planning on where to install them, ensure you get quality kitchen fixtures as well. You don’t to be constantly repairing them or replacing them because getting them out and installing them back again would be a very daunting task. Hence, you can always go online, read reviews and do all your research to determine the best brands and models. You can also get helpful insights on proper kitchen layouts online regarding placing these kitchen fixtures.