Here safety tips in using shears will be tackled. Shears are used to cut metal sheets and that is one reason why they are more commonly called metal shears. These tools thus have applications in arts and crafts where bronze, steel, brass, and copper and aluminum sheets are used. There are some other kinds of shears that are used to shape plastic sheets too. Since it is very easy to use in comparison to the other tools used for the same purpose, a shear has become very common and ideal for worker in this field. Sabers and reciprocal saws are still in use but shears are much quicker in snipping and cutting. Another advantage is that metal shears are cheaper and don’t give rise to sparks while they are used.

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They may be easier to use comparatively but it is important to be very careful while using them. There are many safety tips in using shears that you have to follow in order to avoid brutal injuries. You have to wear the appropriate clothing and use the tool appropriately to stay safe. Not many people are aware that they are putting themselves at risk just by neglecting their clothing while using metal shears.

  • Safety Tips

Here are some very important safety tips in using shears that you must be aware of before touching the shear:

  • Clothing

The first few safety tips in using shears revolve around wearing the right clothing and related paraphernalia. Your eyes, your legs, your hand and your entire body must be protected. You should wear safety glasses in order to keep your eyes safe because the shards emitted while cutting can severely damage your eyes. There are chances of metal falling and hurting your feet. Hence, you should wear protective leather shoes. After it is cut, the edges of the metal are usually very sharp. That is why you should wear efficient gloves that can protect you as well as let you handle the tools easily. Also, you should never wear any type of accessories while working with a shear. Lastly, you should wear clothes that are tight fitting in order to avoid the risk of them getting caught in the machine.

  • Machine Condition

Always ensure that the machine is in proper working condition beforehand. Also, there must be no debris in the vicinity.

  • Hand Safety

Keep your hands away from the table and the material. You should never place them in between the two.

  • Lubricant Spills

Check the surrounding area for any kind of oil spills because you could slip and that could cause major accidents.

  • Lighting

Make sure you work in a well lighted place so that you can be aware of everything present around you.

  • Storage

After your work is done, place the shear in a safe place where no one, especially children can reach.

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No tool is entirely safe to use including a shear. Hence, it is very important to follow safety tips in using shears and prevent any kind of accident than to face brutal consequences later on.