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Essential Guide When Buying Ranunculus Bulbs | Content Injection

Ranunculus flowers are enjoyed by a lot of people, either in containers and pots placed on balconies and patios or in their own gardens. Most of these people would buy young plants that are already established in pots from their local nursery or plant stores, instead of growing them directly from ranunculus bulbs. There are several main advantages when you buy ranunculus bulbs instead of juvenile plants. First, you can have more color choices and second, it is comparatively cost effective and cheaper to plant the bulbs rather than purchasing plants that have been potted already.

vibrant colored ranunculus bulbs

Buying Guide

You can save more money by purchasing ranunculus bulbs wholesale instead of retail. However, no matter how many ranunculus bulbs you are going to buy, there are several things that you have to know first. The following are some key points and tips to remember when you buy them.

  • Whenever you can, try selecting bulbs separately. This will ensure that you can examine each bulb closely for any defects. There is nothing wrong with buying several packs of ranunculus bulbs for sale but it is just too difficult to examine pre packed containers. If ever you bought a bag and upon reaching home, you found a bulb or two that are diseased or damaged, take the entire pack back to the store and get a replacement or take your money back.

ranunculus bulbs telecote mix

  • If you are going to buy the bulbs through mail order companies or from an online store, check their return policy first before purchasing. Several reputable companies guarantee that their ranunculus bulbs will really grow.
  • The bulbs must be firm when you touch them. A ranunculus bulb that is soft when pressed could be very dehydrated or in a stage of decomposition.
  • Avoid bulbs that have cuts or scratches in them. Fungus spores could be living in them and these could affect the plant or even the other plants and bulbs in your garden.

persian buttercup ranunculus for sale

  • The bulbs may have small green or blue molds on them that could just be brushed off. Normally, this is okay. However, avoid bulbs that have too much molds in them. This is an indication that the ranunculus bulbs have been kept in a place where there is too much moisture. Thus, there could be something that is fundamentally wrong with the bulbs.
  • Typically, the bulb color must be the same all over. Keep an eye on bulbs that contain marks, or have been marked in any manner.
  • If you are not going to plant the bulbs yet, keep them somewhere cool, free from moisture and out of sunlight.
  • Since the amount of flowers that a plant will develop depends on the size of the bulb, you should purchase the biggest bulbs that you can find. Ranunculus bulbs have varying grades and sizes. The largest are appropriately named Jumbo, which means that they have a circumference of about 7 to 8 inches. Such big bulbs can be expected to produce up to 35 flowers. In case there are no jumbo ranunculus bulbs in the color you like, then go for the next largest size.

buy ranunculus bulbs wholesale

These tips will be extremely useful whenever you are on the lookout for ranunculus bulbs to grow for your garden.