Picking the essential footwear is a vital task when you are dressing yourself for a specific occasion. Shoes are very important in our look. This is because they just don’t complement our dress, but also because people can tell what kind of personality you have. So, try choosing your outfit and shoes according to what you like people will see from you in attending a certain occasion. It takes patience to look for essential footwear for women based on the appearance you want to convey. You need some tips in doing this task.

Get The Most Essential Footwear For Women

How To Find Essential Footwear For All Occasions

Here are the tips on how to pick essential footwear for the right occasion.

Shoes for business occasions:

Women must wear shoes that have shorter heels, which shows that they are serious in their career.

  • Pump shoes and kitten heels are ideal for the business wear that are practical and provide stability.
  • Shoes that have straps and high heels are also ideal to match for your business attire.
  • If you are a person who is not capable of handling heels,  flat shoes are also good. Make sure though that they are dressy enough to complement your professional attire. Black and brown or pointed and rounded toe flat shoes are the usual choice appropriate for workplace.
  • Dress boots are also a choice, especially during winter. They can go along with the business suits, which have 2 to 3 inches heels.


Know The Most Essential Footwear For Women

Shoes for formal occasion:

  • When you want to feel feminine and romantic in a formal event, high heels are the essential footwear. But, make sure you are comfortable with your high heels so your feet won’t be hurting all throughout the special occasion.
  • Stilettos are idea for short skirts or dresses. Most of the daring women wear them.
  • Wedge shoes are one of the high heel shoes that are easy to walk around.  They can be worn together with slacks, shorts, and dresses.


Shoes for casual occasion:

This is an easy occasion to pick for the essential footwear. You can focus on one goal, which is to choose the shoes that match well to you outfit. For example, you are wearing a mixed color of black pants and red blouse; you can wear either black or red shoes. This is to match the color of your pants or blouse. You can also wear stilettos to match your casual attire. But mostly dressy flats, short and mid heels are preferred such as ballet shoes, pumps or sandals. Chic boots can also match the casual dress as long as they have short heels.

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