Cycling is a sporting activity undertaken for the purposes of leisure, exercise and income. This alternative way of transport is also one of the professional racing sports where many people have been world renowned. While cycling, it is advisable that special cycling gear is worn in order to act as protective gear from unwanted accidents that might happen in this fast paced sport.

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Standard Cycling Gear

Before, cycling gear had not been embraced and people got on bikes just in their regular clothing. Today, however, with the rising popularity in cycling, special protective gear has been designed for bikers. The most commonly used cycling gear includes:

  • Cycling jackets – these jackets are light weight, breathable and water resistant and they come in handy especially when cycling in the cold weather.
  • Cycling pants and shorts – these pants are breathable, very sweat absorbent and water resistant.
  • Cycling gloves – these are used to protect the cyclers’ hands from friction with the handles of the bike.
  • Protective gear like helmets, knee pads and elbow pads are also very useful to protect the biker from injury in case of an accident.

Alternative Cycling Gears

The above cycling gear could sometimes be too expensive for all cyclists to afford. This should never stop cyclists from protecting themselves while on the road, since one can easily improvise a cycling gear. The following are some of the gear that could get improvised in different ways:

  • In the place of cycling jackets, a regular cyclist could put on his normal jacket with a raincoat on top.
  • Regular jeans would do for cycling pants. Even linen pants would do because of their absorbent nature. Jeans could also serve to protect the knees from injury in case of a fall.
  • Any kind of woollen gloves could also be used to protect the cyclers’ hands from injuries caused by friction.

The best cycling gear is the kind of clothing that is able to protect its rider from injuries caused by accidents as well as provide comfort for the rider. Flip flops and baggy clothing are not recommended for riders.

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Other Purpose of Cycling Shoes

Indoor cycling shoes are the kind of shoes that are used for stationary bicycles. This means that these kinds of shoes are commonly used in gyms or other fitness centres. These shoes ought to be very comfortable and close to the ground in order to provide for maximum support and balance.

Urban cycling gear is cycling gear suitable for people leading all kinds of lifestyles. This gear can be used while biking as well as during other activities that take place in day to day living. A cycling gear’s versatility does not limit a person from doing its normal activities thus making it not only a sporting accessory but a fashion item as well.