A stainless steel utility sink is a household essential to perform certain household tasks and to keep the inside of your home cleaner and much more organized. Utility sinks are usually located outside the house, by the garden, on the kitchen extension, laundry or utility area. These sinks can accommodate all washing needs like the laundry, small pet washing or bathing area, cleaning the upper body after a dirty work, garage, garden or home improvement tools cleaning area, etc. These sinks can also be found outside the homes like in laboratories, restaurants, and some other public places.

newly designed stainless steel utility sink

Since they are created to accomplish tough tasks, they are also made from tough materials like casted iron, stainless steel, plastic, or at times, concrete or cement. To create a deep stainless steel utility sink that is suitable for high volume dish or laundry washing, stainless steel or plastic is used. Except for plastic, all the materials used to create a stainless steel utility sink are also durable and weatherproof. Some utility sinks are fixed but majority are movable with built-in stands. There are also those that are designed with two tubs or sinks helpful in doing the laundry.

Benefits of Utility Sinks Crafted From Stainless Steel

  • No Rusts

The foremost advantage of opting for the stainless steel type will be elimination of rusts problems. Since the steel sheet is resistant to rusting or corrosion, the need to constantly replace the sink is also eliminated or greatly prolonged. Rusting will also be a concern when it comes to the highly sensitive users like restaurants and medical laboratories.

free standing stainless steel utility sink

  • Lightweight Yet Durable

Another benefit of opting for a stainless steel utility sink is the lightweight nature of the material. This makes the sink extremely movable including installation and its removal. Although stainless steel sheets are thin and light, their durability is comparable to all other sink materials like pure iron, plastic, or concrete.

  • Cleaner

Used stainless steel utility sink is cleaner even after so many time of usage. The smooth and glossy nature of stainless prevents dirt and stain from permanently attaching to the sink’s surface. This is also the reason why these types of sinks are much easier to clean and polish than the other sink types.

clean and classy look free standing stainless steel sink

The Drawbacks

  • Perhaps, the most common complaint about these sinks is the rather loud sound or noise produced when they are used especially when filled or sprayed with water.
  • Experts also note that although the stainless steel utility sink is generally durable, it is still susceptible to dents and other types of damages caused by accidents and heavy hits.

Utility Sinks Compared To The Other Types Of Sinks

Other than utility sinks, there are two other common sinks used in every household, office, or any other area; the kitchen sinks and the lavatories used in the bathroom. They can be differentiated as follows.

  • Difference In Purpose Or Use. Kitchen sinks as their name suggests are used in the kitchen usually for food preparation or hand and upper body washing. Lavatories installed on bathrooms on the other hand are used for personal hygiene and grooming. All other cleaning and washing needs is rightfully accommodated by the utility sink.
  • Difference In Design. Stainless steel utility sink have simple or bare designs unlike the two other sinks. Design or style of the other two sinks will usually depend on the preference of the home owners.
  • Mobility. There is a free standing stainless steel utility sink that can be carried or moved anywhere unlike kitchen and bathroom sinks that are generally fixed on their places.

authentic stain less steel utility sink

Finally, there are now several manufacturers of stainless steel utility sinks that market their product locally or internationally like Swanstone, American Standard, and Sterling. It is up to you to choose the design or style you need or prefer most.