In any sport, the comfort of the player contributes a great deal to the kind of game played. A comfortable player is bound to play better as compared to an uncomfortable one. Material like Lycra and nylon in this case is quite comfortable, durable and flexible. Apart from comfort, durability is another factor that should be considered when selecting material for football pants because of the nature of the sport, which is rough.

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Getting Sufficient Protection

Football pants with pads are a better kind of pants as they guarantee the player safety and fewer chances of fatal injuries. Apart from that physical aspect of protection, these pads on football pants play a mental role in giving confidence to the player and encouraging assertiveness and aggressiveness in the game hence better playing. These pads fit under the player’s uniform and are usually for the shoulders and chest. For further protection in a football game, the football girdle is another major requirement. This equipment is responsible for protecting a player from injuries as a result of hits or tackles and bad falls and at the same time serve to wick sweat and moisture away from the body of the football player hence giving comfort to its wearer during the game.

Football Pants According to Age

Youth football pants tend to have a lot of prints and bold graphics to instil confidence and a sense of pride in the game as well as their team. The football pants for the youthful players also tend to be quite stylish. Adult football pants, on the other hand, are more just for protection and body covering than anything else. These pants tend to be plainly coloured, with minimal graphics if any painted on them. Style is the least of all the concerns of these players during the game.

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How to Put Pads in Football Pants

Football pants are not complete when they lack the protective pads that prevent injuries. Some pants are bought with these pads already sewn in whereas others do not have these pads. Those bought without can easily be fitted with the pads. The following are simple procedures one should follow when trying to put pads in football pants:

  • Sew pockets on the inner lining of your football pants, especially on the front side, paying particular attention to the knee area.
  • Stuff the sewn pockets with cushion material to provide for a soft landing in the case of a fall.
  • Close the pockets by sewing them shut

Some of the top brands of football pants found in the market today include the following: Nike, Rawlings, Russell, Mc David and Champro. Football pants are essential in a game of football thus care should be taken when purchasing them.