Classic never comes out of style. Wood is one classic addition to any houses. A wood adds warmth, comfort, and character to the interior design of your house. An engineered wood is one good example of a material that can turn a simple structure into a timeless creation. An engineered wood is used in several applications, may it be for industrial construction, commercial buildings and even simply for home structures. It is typically made of soft woods and hardwoods that are also used in manufacturing lumbers.  Other wood waste and sawmill scraps can also be used to manufacture engineered woods.

Solid wood products are totally different from engineered woods although a lot of people can’t identify their differences.  An engineered wood is used in a lot of ways and is always the preferred material over solid woods. Engineered wood floors bring a natural finish and still looks like solid board but are in fact more reliable and firm. As for stairs, spiral cut wooden dowels can be a good alternative for iron scrollwork.

engineered hardwood flooring

Why Engineered Wood is Better Than Solid Woods?

  • Engineered wood is more stable and is more resistant to moisture that is why it is often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other moisture prone areas of the house or of the commercial premises.
  • It is more sustainable.
  • Using just basic skills with ordinary tools, Engineered wood panels are easy to work with.
  • Engineered woods are designed for natural strength and rigidity.
  • Engineered woods are man-made, therefore, it can be designed to meet specific requirements for its application.
  • Most engineered woods have more design selections without messing its structural requirements.
  • It also provides natural beauty of wood adding warmth and tenderness to the appearance of the finished work.
  •  Choosing engineered woods can actually help the environment since it man-made and a natural flooring solution.
  • It can contract and can expand like a solid wood.

sienna hand scraped oak engineered wood

Available Types of Engineered Wood

Engineered woods offer a unique look of wood that will add character and lightness to any room. It is highly stable and is easy to clean. It will surely add value to your homes. Engineered woods have a lot of types of products that you can use for construction. Plywood is one of the most popular and is also known as the original engineered wood product. It is made from pieces of a cross laminated veneer attached together , manufactured under the heat and pressured with durable adhesives. Another example is the glued laminated timber which is made of some layers of timbers glued together by a moisture resistant adhesive mostly used as horizontal beams and vertical columns. The other popular products are the Roof trusses, I Joists, Laminated strand lumbers, Cross-laminated and parallel strand lumbers.

Most people dream of a house that can give them peace of mind and that warm feeling. Most people would definitely agree that wood structures can provide what most people are looking for.  Engineered wood if utilized properly can provide you the effect of a natural wood that will bring such beauty and elegance.