An engagement ring not only signifies that the wearer is getting married, but it also symbolizes undying love and devotion. They say that men show their true feelings to their one true love with the style of the ring that they choose; however, a more modern approach is that women are now free to choose the overall design while men pay for it. Over the years, women have become more sophisticated in picking out engagement ring styles. With this evolution, designer shops have crafted more and more designs out of typical styles for the engaged couple to choose from.


The most classic of all engagement ring styles is a lone gemstone set in a single band. A classic stone of choice is diamond, but colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also gaining popularity. This traditional style was prototyped by Tiffany & Co. through the so-called Tiffany Setting, in which a solitary gemstone is held by six claws and attached to a band. Gold, platinum, and white gold are common ring bands for the solitary style but sterling silver engagement rings are becoming trendy especially for young couples. No doubt about this since sterling silver offers great quality at a reasonable price.

popular Engagement ring styles

Oddly-shaped Diamonds

Aside from the traditional and most popular round cut, diamonds are also shaped into various, whimsical forms. The most famous shapes are Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise, Cushion, Pear, Radiant, Heart, and Asscher. The Princess cut is the second hottest choice next to round cut. These fancy shapes are popular engagement ring styles especially among celebrities like Beyoncè and Katherine Heigl. The diamond is set on different types of bands but looks best when set in sterling silver engagement rings.

  • Princess – has a rectangular or square profile with four beveled sides

  • Emerald – are rectangular in shape with an octagonal outline

  • Asscher – has four cropped corners making the diamond look like a flat table

  • Marquise – elliptical shaped cut with pointed ends resembling a boat

  • Cushion – square cut with rounded corners resembling a pillow

  • Radiant – a hybrid between the princess cut and emerald cut

  • Heart and Oval – diamond cuts that resemble these common shapes

  • Pear – oval cut shaped like a teardrop and resembles the fruit

Three Stones

Another popular and versatile style is a large gemstone set with smaller stones on the side. This is one of those engagement ring styles that represent symbols—each of the stones symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple’s relationship. The gemstones can also be of the same size and are apparently called trinity rings. Diamonds are the most popular rocks to be set in a three-stone engagement ring and depending on the jeweler, the couple can choose what cut, clarity, and carat are to be used for the ring. Some jewelers may also allow couples to choose the setting, center stone, and side stones, but it definitely comes with a price.

best stylish Sterling silver engagement rings

Split-shank Rings

Engagement rings in a split-shank style have bands that that split apart in multiple strands as it approaches the crown. This is one of those engagement ring styles that are designed for bigger rocks. More intricate designs are now available including smaller gemstones encrusted on twisting strands or tiny, romantic details that add elegance and highlight the center stone.

Wedding Set

These are often called as a bridal set, which includes an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Engagement ring styles, especially those with single bands, often look incomplete and may need a wedding band that matches it to make it look more whole. The engagement and wedding rings are separated but the bride can opt to weld the two after the wedding to avoid losing one of the rings. These rings are usually bought as a package, hence the name “wedding set”, and sometimes the groom’s wedding ring is also included. Wedding sets come in various styles and are very versatile in terms of details and band material. A more elegant option is a diamond engagement ring with a wedding ring encrusted with little diamonds, both set in sterling silver.