An engagement is a promise made by couples that they are going to marry each other after an ample amount of time. Traditionally, a man gets down on a bended knee, opens a tiny box that shows a sparkly ring and says, “Will you marry me?” The ring is a tangible and much more expensive foundation that sets off your engagement, aside from trust, love, and commitment. Choosing the perfect ring should be an exciting experience thus, an engagement ring selection guide will be helpful when you are ready to propose.

Things to Consider in Selecting your Engagement Ring

Set your budget

Before anything else, secure an amount of money that you are willing to pay. Take note of your present and known future expenses and make sure that you are still able to pay your monthly bills. Be mindful of the amount of interest charged on it and decide if it is reasonable enough. The bottom line here is that you should choose a ring that you can afford. Yes, it is possible to buy an affordable ring. Many jewelers offer good deals that include warranty services and they could also customize your ring on a budget. Talk to your jeweler for possible styles and price options that he can propose for a customized ring. Interestingly, sterling silver engagement rings are a popular and affordable choice among engagement ring styles. Not only do they look elegant, they also come in various designs and price ranges to choose from.

Engagement ring selection and buying guide

Know her taste

Nowadays, more women opt to browse through an engagement ring selection guide with their partners and purchase the ring together. But if you want to surprise her, you should greatly consider the style and taste she prefer. This way, you will avoid the scenario of her not liking the ring and you paying for a useless jewelry. If you are good in predicting style, look at the way she dresses and notice her existing jewelry. Sum up these points and you will most likely get a good hint of what she would like in her engagement ring. You can also try to trick her into giving her insights about rings by going past a jewelry store. Pretend that you are looking for a watch and then naturally drop a comment on the styles of rings. If it goes flawless, she would tell what she likes and not notice the trick. When all else fails, get her a temporary ring and tell her that you will jointly design and buy the real one.

Be familiar with jewelry terms

Shrewd sellers may trick you into buying bad quality rings if you are not in-the-know. Show some confidence in buying by learning these terms:

  • Band – the circular part of the ring that surrounds the finger. Bands can be made from gold, platinum, titanium, white gold or sterling silver. Gold is naturally yellow-orange in color, so some buyers choose lighter colored, less pure gold in 10K or 14K. Gold is a soft metal so it is usually alloyed with another metal to stay durable. White gold, an alloy of gold and other metals, gives off a silvery appearance. Platinum is a hard metal with a shiny, silvery finish but may dull a little with wear and tear over time. Titanium has a darker color and is less shiny. It is more popular with men than women. Sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver and metal. Pure silver, like gold, is a soft metal, thus combining it with a metal like nickel makes it more durable.

  • Gemstone – The feature piece of the ring that is also referred to as a “rock”. Diamonds are the typical gemstones for engagement rings, but colored ones like sapphire, emerald and rubies are also used. More recently, cubic zirconia, which is zirconium dioxide in crystalline form, has been an economically important competitor for diamonds because of its low cost, durability and visual closeness to their counterpart.

  • Setting – Refers to the piece of the crown that holds the gemstone. Settings can be pronged, which means that the gemstone is held in place with visible claws, or invisible, which means that the grooves of the stone’s girdle slip into a hidden metal framework below the surface.

  • 4 C’s – When choosing diamonds, take note of the 4 C’s, which are Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut. The carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Engagement rings are usually 1 carat but the one you will choose hugely depends on your budget. The colors of diamonds vary and are graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Grades D to F are colorless and very rare, while grades G to J are near colorless but are good enough to buy. Clarity refers to the amount of imperfections and overall “sparkle” of the diamond. The fewer the flaws, the greater their brilliance, rarity and cost. A cut is a style guide for diamonds when shaping them for polishing. The cut of a diamond greatly affects its brilliance; therefore, a poorly cut diamond will be less sparkly. The most popular diamond cut is round brilliant, followed by fancy cuts that come in various shapes.

Choose a good jeweler

stylish Sterling silver engagement rings

Good jewelers need not be expensive in order to be ideal. Look for a jeweler that has a comfortable ambiance, a helpful staff with pleasing personalities, and gives advice that really sticks with you. Good jewelers have a reliable engagement ring selection guide and will be pleased to discuss customizations and price options. If you are not aware of any jeweler in your place, ask your friends and family for suggestions.

Is it practical?

While your girl can take off the ring if she likes, her personality should also reflect on the ring that you choose for her. If she loves the great outdoors, a ring with a low setting will avoid the gemstone from getting caught on gears, clothes, and other items. Conversely, a fashion-conscious girlfriend would prefer an engagement ring with a high setting to add glamour and sophistication to her style. Check also the durability of the ring if it coincides with her activities. Daily activities may wear off the luster of the ring. Number 3 of this engagement ring selection guide will tell you about the durability of common ring materials.

Ask for insurance

When you are now ready to buy the perfect engagement ring, one last thing to consider is the protection of your investment. This engagement ring selection guide suggests that you check if your insurance covers its loss or yet, ask for insurance from the jeweler if possible. This ring will probably be the most expensive piece of jewelry you will buy, so get it insured to avoid worrying.