In accordance with the ever-evolving “Green Movement,” there are now a wide variety of energy efficient refrigerators offered by dozens of different manufacturers. Obviously, the primary benefit of energy efficient refrigerators is reduced monthly electric bills. As an incendiary bonus, the energy saved by these new models has a beneficial effect on the environment. For people who are in the market to save on their electric bills and contribute to planetary health, energy efficient refrigerators are a win-win solution to your cold storage needs.

best energy efficient refrigerators

Finding the most energy efficient refrigerators is easier than ever, thanks to the predominant Energy Star logo which adorns such models. When shopping, keep an eye out for this logo, which indicates the refrigerator as being an eco-friendly product. These particular models have the capability to save up to 20% on electric bills, and are uniquely constructed to minimize energy usage without sacrificing any needed performance or power.

most best energy efficient refrigerators

Nowadays, thanks to excellent advances in technology, even the best energy efficient refrigerators come in a wide range of styles and designs. In modern times, appliances have taken on a unique aesthetic and often contribute to the overall décor of the kitchen and the home. Fortunately, investing in energy efficient refrigerators does not necessarily mean that any of these expected stylistic features must be sacrificed. In fact, there are just as many aesthetic options in energy efficient refrigerators as in their outdated counterparts.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators Ratings

Obviously, there are many different brands to choose from when it comes to buying energy efficient refrigerators. With more and more consumers demanding these types of appliances, it’s no wonder that almost every manufacturer now carries a diverse line of energy-saving refrigerators.

high energy efficient refrigerators ratings

  • The Samsung RF267HE is an excellent product from a well-known and reputable manufacturer. This particular Samsung model features a “stack” configuration, with a bottom pull-out freezer. Unlike many energy efficient refrigerators, this model is also equipped with a capable ice maker. Most importantly, it consumes 39% less energy than federal standards, one of the best figures in the market.

  • The LG LFX28991 is another of the best energy efficient refrigerators. LG is well-known for an array of outstanding electronic appliances, and their energy efficient refrigerators certainly deliver on that reputation. Like the Samsung, the LG features a bottom drawer freezer. Although slightly less efficient, the LG does boast nearly 28 cubic feet of interior space, making it one of the largest energy efficient refrigerators available today.

best energy efficient refrigerators for home usage

Although shopping online for the best energy efficient refrigerators is possible, it is always best to check out potential models in person. By doing so, you can get a feel for the type of organizational compartments and specialized bins within each model. Furthermore, you can get a close-up view of the many different style options and make a better aesthetic choice for your home. Regardless of which model you choose, you will benefit from reduced energy consumption and lower monthly electric bills. And remember, when you invest in energy efficient refrigerators, you not only save money, you help the environment as well.