Scrubs are medical uniforms worn by doctors and nurses while at work. Scrubs are of different colors that are chosen by the board of directors of the various hospitals, unlike the white ones, which are set aside for doctors only. However, you can alter the look of your scrubs to suit your own style and preference. One of the ways to do this is by use of embroidery to produce embroidered scrubs. There are other designs of scrubs available and it is up to you to pick a design that will suit you accordingly.

butterfly flower embroidered green town scrub

Customizing Ideas for Scrubs

The hospital is a place where most people are unhappy to be there. To lighten up the mood, some would personalize their scrubs to get away from the boring plain appearance of scrubs regardless of their color. There are tips you can use to customize your scrubs, especially scrub tops.

  • Iron-on designs – These are done by placing hot iron box on top of the design. You place the iron on the designs for a short while; just enough to allow the design stick to the top, and then remove the iron box. Such designs could be your name or some little images of smiling faces.
  • Fabric markers or puff paint – You could write your name on top of your scrub top pocket, to have personalized scrubs. You could also add some little detail such as small stars on the top using the marker.
  • Edging material – These are materials such as beads or laces that you can sew on to the edges of your scrub top, so that they dangle as you move, to make it look more appealing.
  • Embroidery thread – You can have embroidered scrubs with your name or design on it. These scrubs are most common among hospital personnel, since most of them embroider their names with embroidery thread of same or different colors.

stylish custom embroidered medical scrubs

Advantages of Embroidered Scrubs

Embroidered scrubs have some advantages and benefits, some of which are:

  • They lighten the mood at the work place, since some designs are funny and pleasing.
  • They help you identify your scrubs easily, after taking them to the laundry at work or at a laundry matt.
  • They help get familiar with patients faster, especially if you have your name on your scrubs top.
  • If you have custom embroidered scrubs, you can be sure that no one will bother taking them from you, since they have your design on them.

Nrg scrubs are some of the best quality scrubs you can find. For young nurses or for ladies who are laid back and do not want all the attention they can opt for cute scrubs with small designs.

All the same, before you go ahead and turn your scrubs into embroidered scrubs, just make sure that the management is okay with customized scrubs.