The character of Eli Loker played by Brendan Hines in the American television series Lie To Me was recognized as one of his best performances to date and has given him a pretty big fan base in the short time span. Lie To Me was a television series very well appreciated for its unique concept and has three seasons successfully and is soon to come up with its fourth season as well. Eli Loker played by Brendan Hines was an important character in the show and has been characterized as a well-educated person and has a great skill of reading people’s facial expression through intense practice.

brendan hines played eli loker

The Eli Loker Lie To Me character got more and more intense as the seasons progressed and Brendan Hines has done a neat job of living up to people’s expectations. Anyone who has seen the television series would definitely have noticed this character for its uniqueness appealing performance. If you have not checked out the television series yet, you still can watch its repeated telecasts or even watch them online through various websites. The Eli Loker wiki has got everything about the character and could help you get a better picture about the show as well as the characters in it.

Eli Loker has actually been given a pretty intense outlook and he is not showcased as a charmer as such. He is someone who has extended his knowledge with extensive research and study unlike the other members in his team who has natural skills in reading micro expressions. So Eli Loker actually gave out his analysis of various cases from his perspective and it was an important asset for most of the cases. Another distinguishing feature that put Eli Loker in the limelight was his theory of radical honesty, which prevented him from lying and to always speak the truth even if it is rude or annoying to the person listening.

eli loker at lie to me

The intensity of the character actually became more intense as the show progressed and Brendan Hines has done perfect justice to his role in the television series. He holds a major share to the success of the series and has now actually got a pretty big fan base. Additionally, the character that he plays is not that of a regular person that we see each day and hence only with the right state of mind could that role have been played and Brendan Hines has definitely had it all figured out.