There is just no limit to technology’s advancement. Who knew that even the good old toothbrush could get a technological spin with the creation of the electric toothbrush?

There is a good number of electric toothbrush models and brands available on the market today. The Sonicare toothbrush line from Philips is one fitting example. It is one of the most available electric toothbrushes with great features and affordable rates. This explains its popularity. Common electric toothbrush review comments on Sonicare say it has to be the best electric toothbrush for a number of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It has a long battery life. It uses a rechargeable battery, which, when fully charged can last you for as long as three weeks or even more.

best electric toothbrush

  • It also has a quad pacer which regulates your movement. The toothbrush gives out a beeping sound in thirty-second intervals, signaling that you may already brush a different area in your mouth.

  • It has an easy start feature. This feature is responsible in determining what the optimal brushing speed and power that best suits you. It helps you achieve that thorough cleaning that you want and need.

This brand also produces kids electric toothbrush. This helps in giving your kids a strong set of teeth early on.

Shopping for an Electric Toothbrush

Getting this item is way too easy. Even more so, it is easy to get discounts too. Electric toothbrush coupons are widely. The web is one of the best, most convenient places to look for them.

The Electric Toothbrush versus Regular Toothbrush: Let the battle begin

Comparisons between ordinary and electric toothbrushes have been made and below are some advantages that an electric toothbrush is said to have over a normal toothbrush:

best electric toothbrush reviews

  • An electric toothbrush has multiple features as compared to ordinary toothbrush. Its being ‘electrical’ allows it to do several things that a manually operated regular toothbrush can’t.

  • An ordinary toothbrush does not clean as well as an electric toothbrush would. The accuracy in brush strokes and fineness in an electric toothbrush’s bristles defeats that of plain human effort strokes and old bristles.

  • With the electric toothbrush, you don’t need to replace the whole brush. You just regularly change the head.

But this is no one-sided contest. The regular toothbrush wins over the fact that it is cheaper by more than a dozen times than its electric counterparts. There have also been instances where some electric brands fail on the accuracy of brush strokes that at the very least, does not clean thoroughly, and at worst, damages the teeth.