In modern times, most of the ceilings and walls of homes as well as commercial buildings have drywall surfaces. It is a material used for construction and consists of crushed rock that is covered in paper. Drywall is so named as it is easily installable unlike plastering and is dry, strong and fire-resistant. However with the passage of time, small holes or cracks may appear and so one needs to know all about drywall repair, whether he does it himself or takes the help of professionals to repair the damages.

Discover Ways To Drywall Repair

Various Uses of Drywall

  • This durable panel is used to cover the ceilings and walls.
  • It is also used to create various design features like arches, eaves and other specialties.
  • In commercial buildings, drywall is utilized even to wrap columns that are made of steel beams.

Its ability to resist fire helps to evacuate an area during emergency also. Hence it is being highly preferred by all construction companies. However it is always good to do drywall repair as soon as any damage is detected. Although there are DIY kits available to repair hole in drywall, the process requires skill and expertise to repair the hole and blend it with the original wall.

Ways To Repair Hole In Drywall

How to Repair Hole in Drywall

Although drywall is a very tough and durable material, sometimes there may be holes and cracks due to water damage, hanging pictures or accidents. In such situations, drywall repair is a must for every user and one must know the methods of repairing it. Here are some tips that help to repair hole in drywall.

  • First, the damaged portion has to be removed. It is best done if the damaged area is cut out not around the perimeter of the hole, but in a square shape for it is easy to replace a square cut.


Guide on Patching Drywall

  • Second, the replacement piece has to be cut out. This can be done in two ways. One is to trace the measurement of the hole onto the replacement drywall piece and the other one is to place the old cut out piece on the new material and then traced out in the exact measurement.
  • Third, the new piece has to be fitted to the open space on the wall carefully. Care must be taken to see that the fitting is perfect. Then only the drywall repair will be worthwhile.
  • Fourth, the drywall repair is complete with the blending of the patchwork. This is the most important part of patching drywall. Pre-mixed plaster can be used.
  • Fifth, a drywall tape and a plaster coat have to be placed over the seams. When dry, the seams need to be smoothened with light sand.
  • Sixth, before applying any texture or finish according to the surrounding area, primer has to be done on the spot of repair. This is quite a difficult task and the best person who can bring in the right type of finish is an experienced and skilled professional.


Quick Ways On How To Repair Hole In Drywall

Simple holes and patches can be repaired easily if proper measures are taken at the very beginning. But larger holes need expert hands. The drywall adds a different dimension to a home and so drywall repair should be perfect in all ways. Also, check out important drywall tools online.