Marketing is such a diverse field that everyday new marketing techniques are being discovered or developed. The primary goal is to attract potential customers to purchase their products and services. Marketing strategies come and go but there are few that will never be phased out simply because of their efficiency and practicality. This is true for labels with pictures. Different techniques and designs are being used in making labels but a label without any picture is as good as a prescribed medicine where you don’t need to read all those medical terms but you know you have to buy them.

Going to different supermarket sections with hundreds of choices can be a confusing task. Most people nowadays are very keen in buying goods especially in jars. The manufacturers are also trying their best to give out all the necessary information that a consumers needs to know. But all of this information should be necessary to be given out like the expiration date, ingredients and address of the producers among others. Giving out these necessary information is not considered as a marketing strategy, it is mandated by law so companies will put all of their efforts in coming up with good labels with pictures design that is attractive and easy to understand.

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Consumers Should Choose Labels with Pictures

A picture represents what is inside a jar or a box. It should be accurate to meet consumer expectations. Here are some reasons why labels with pictures are very helpful during grocery:

  • consumers need to know what are the raw materials used in making the product. Pictures are the great way to show them since not all are familiar with the name of a certain raw material.
  • when buying for kids, labels with pictures are great convincing tools to make children believe that it’s what they are looking for. For example, jar labels of pickles shows the exact picture of what is inside but if you use a picture of a happy muscular pickle, then the kids will not hesitate in saying yes to it.
  • labels with pictures reassure the consumers that they are really buying what they are expecting to get when they open the box, can or jar.
  • it is very easy to understand labels with pictures. This is very beneficial for people who don’t have the time to scrutinize and will just simply grab and go the items.
  • labels with pictures, especially with jar labels, build trust between the consumer and the manufacturer. Showing accurate information with the use of graphic presentation shows the sincerity of the company on selling quality products.

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You might now notice during your time in the grocery but labels with pictures have a very strong convincing power. Looking at an Italian vineyard on a wine bottle will not give you any moments of hesitation in picking it up since everybody knows the world class quality of European wines. Companies may change the shape of the bottle or the whole packaging but in the end the picture would still tell almost everything of what the product is all about.