Edwardian engagement rings are well known for the designs they have on them. The rings are made from high quality raw materials and completed with handmade designs that brides just love. When they were first created, they were meant for the middle to the upper class bracket of people. The rings were first created in the early 1900s during the rule of King Edward, and came into existence from his luxurious and lavish living style and preferences. Even after the king’s demise, the style was still in demand because the rings represent the beauty of love.

All About Gorgeous Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian rings were still in style even up to the 1920s. They were first made with platinum and then decorated with diamonds that were perfect for couples enjoying their romance. Other materials such as white gold as well as silver were also used to make the piece of jewelry. Yellow gold Edwardian engagement rings are not very common, therefore they are difficult to find.

Beautiful Yellow Gold Edwardian Style Engagement Rings

The Edwardian style engagement rings have always been beautiful with a large stone in the center and surrounded by smaller stones using prongs as well as bezel. Bands were also hand decorated with intricate designs carved on them. Some of the designs included doves and other birds, bows, hearts and flowers such as roses. The designs represented feelings for a soul mate that come from the heart. They were also made with other gems besides diamonds but diamonds were the most popular stones at the time when Edwardian engagement rings are at the peak of their popularity.

Get Antique Edwardian Ring Filigree Engagement Ring

Antique Edwardian engagement rings may still be found today but the price is very high because of the rarity of the jewelry. The current prices can be as high as the five digits if they are true antiques and are the unusual engagement rings like unusual Edwardian engagement rings. Edwardian engagement rings may still be found at present but with difficulty. Jewelry stores rarely carry them but they may be found at antique or estate sales instead. However, at present, imitations are made and sold, which look just like the true antique rings.

A Hard Look On Unusual Edwardian Engagement Rings

The Edwardian engagement rings designs that are found today are clearer and refined due to the use of technology that was unavailable at the time the rings were first developed. Cutting of the gems is much easier and more precise because of this factor. Because modern machinery is used, the designs on the band do not cost as much as they did earlier because they are no longer handcrafted. Modern rings now have many different gems in them and this was rare in the 1900s.

Though the beauty of Edwardian engagement rings is breathtaking, they are not meant to be worn as a set with other rings, whether or not they may match. They were meant to be worn individually. If worn with another ring, it will take away the beauty of the Edwardian ring. Hence, it is not advisable to use as a bridal set. For more options, you may check out few of the most expensive rings in the world.