Cosmetics are usually plastics but not anymore. Since the launch of ecotools brushes, every woman can enjoy putting on her make up while keeping the environment clean and green.

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Standard cosmetic brushes can be considered as environmental threats. The standard make up brush is basically made up of plastic handle and fur bristles that are either synthetic or hair (animal and human), which according to experts can probably put a large amount of carbon on the face. Then hair used in these brushes easily goes off. So usually, women would throw away their cosmetic brushes after a month or two, leaving all the plastic handles as wastes that do not crumble for a long time. Unlike ecotools brushes, the plastic handles of these standard cosmetic brushes are durable which makes them hard and long lasting. Aside from this, burning plastic handles of cosmetic brushes actually create harmful fumes that do not only ruin the environment but also give harmful effects to the human body. It’s not just the disposal of these plastics that make them non-environmental friendly. The manufacturing itself creates large quantity of toxic chemicals that goes up to the atmosphere to the outer space and to the ozone layer that is responsible for the climate change earth is suffering now.

This is no exaggeration. Some would say “Who cares? It’s just a brush!” The question now is how many girls are using these cosmetic brushes over ecotools brushes? How do they put on their makeup without this stuff? There are billions of women all around the world that use makeup brushes. It is not noticeable, but make up brushes that are made from plastics greatly contributes to the rapid devastation of the environment. With the creation of ecotools cosmetic brushes, being beautiful can also now become eco-friendly.

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Putting makeup has always been part of a woman’s lifestyle. It wouldn’t be fair that they will be restricted from making use of cosmetic products. Fortunately, every woman can actually make herself beautiful without harming her health and the environment. Ecotools brushes make use of wooden handles which are usually bamboo and fur bristles. Basically, no animal will be killed for the sake of getting their fur to make cosmetic brush. The metal part that attaches the bristles to the handle is also made from recycled aluminum. Aside from being eco-friendly, ecotools makeup brushes, like ecotools eye brush set, don’t have tainted smell and the bristles have very fine strands that make them very wonderful to use. No wonder why big stars and celebrities make use of ecotools brushes!