The traditional wood burning fireplaces are no longer present in homes, as persons are becoming more environmentally conscious and have opted to get an eco friendly fireplace. Homes that have a traditional fireplace are now being replaced by an eco fuel fireplace that is not only more attractive, but is also safer and more efficient. These new and improved fireplaces are available in various sizes, colors and styles, which will be able to any décor of your home. You will be able to purchase an eco fireplace that is also portable, and that you can move to any room that needs warming up.

eco friendly interior fireplace

One of these new environmental friendly fireplaces is the electric fireplaces that are ideal for small condos and apartments. You will find that the installation process and the maintenance of these electric fireplaces are rather easy. In order to start using them, all you need to do is plug them into an electric socket and turn them on. Most of the electric fireplaces that are available also come with blowers that have the ability to blow the warm air throughout the room.

The gel fireplace is another type of eco smart fireplace. These fireplaces operate by burning quality gel that is alcohol based, and does not pollute the air with toxic fumes or leaves behind ash or embers. Gel fireplaces, like the electric fireplaces, are available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes. The gel comes in a container, and will burn for a period of approximately 2 to 3 hours. Just like the traditional wood fire, this eco fireplace crackles while it burns.

eco friendly  Zeta fireplace

The ethanol fireplace is considered to be an eco fuel fireplace, which burns bio fuel that is one hundred percent renewable. The fuel used in this fireplace is called denatured ethanol, and is much safer than the ethanol used to fill up the tank of your car. The ethanol fuel fireplace does not leave any ash residue or soot when it burns. Instead, it leaves behind only carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Having an eco fireplace is more beneficial than having a traditional fireplace. It is convenient, safer for the environment, portable and also cheaper than a conventional fireplace. If you want to stop using a traditional fireplace, then you most definitely should consider getting an eco fireplace. Besides, from the environmental benefits of having one of these fireplaces, they are available in more styles, sizes and shapes than the traditional fireplaces.