Every object has a certain life span till which time it can perform well. Wear and tear is a part of life so no one can ignore the necessity of cleaning and maintaining their machineries. Most people want to adopt the DIY methods of keeping their air conditioners in proper running conditions. The DIY air conditioning cleaning tips often help to maintain the air conditioners especially of the homes and cars as well.

save up with this DIY air conditioning cleaning tips

An air conditioner is made up of the following parts like filters, compressors, fins, motors, fans and the thermostat. Each unit has its own specific function. Many people ignore the fact that maintaining air conditioners at regular intervals and keeping them clean is the best way to increase the longevity and durability of the machine. Thinking about the maintenance costs they move back thereby increasing their replacements costs all the more. However, many people are following the DIY air conditioning cleaning tips to save on their expenses and maintain their air conditioning units.

Steps in Cleaning Air Conditioning Units

There are 7 steps in the DIY air conditioning cleaning tips. If they are followed diligently one will surely benefit from the process and save the extra expenses on energy bills and replacement costs. The DIY air conditioning cleaning tips are:

  • Air filters: The work of the air filters in an air conditioner is to keep out dust, germs and bacteria from entering the closed rooms. If they are choked, it will affect the machine and put pressure on the working system as a whole. Hence, it has to be checked often and cleaned. Reusable filters are available and if possible they should be replaced. The DIY air conditioner cleaning tips help to carry out the cleaning process without the help of any professionals.
  • Outside Compressors: The compressors that are fixed outside must have access to clean and direct airflow. Hindrances like vines and creepers that might obstruct the passage of direct airflow should be removed and pruned out to allow the compressor unit to work efficiently.
  • Fins: The thin metal lines called fins located on the outside of the unit have to be cleaned with a fin comb to avoid bending of the fins and to straighten them for efficient performance of the air conditioner.
  • Compressor: It is wise to check the compressor unit at least on a yearly basis more so after weather fluctuations or untold weather conditions. The level of the compressor affects the potentiality of the air conditioning unit to a large extent.
  • Compressor fan: The compressor fan can get affected by foreign objects, which may fall through the outside grill. It hinders the rotational movement of the fan. If there is the slightest bent in the fan belt it is wise to replace it.
  • Thermostat: The dirt and dust of the thermostat has to be cleaned by a soft brush after removing its cover. The contact points should also be taken care of well.
  • Lubricating the different parts of the air conditioning machine is very important and these DIY air conditioning cleaning tips help to keep the machines in great order for years.

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