Are you in the political arena? Maybe you’re a small business person who is also becoming a button maker on the side for marketing purposes? If you don’t like submitting proofs of your designs to companies then perhaps a button maker machine is what you need.

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For many years, people who’ve campaigned have used custom buttons. They’ve created artwork and attractive fonts on these buttons that, once pinned to a lapel or chest area, reach a wide audience for the button’s cause. It’s a form of guerrilla marketing that is easy to deploy but most of the work is done upfront.

Button Maker Machine

There are different types of machines for this purpose. You’ll find that they range anywhere from $199 to over $1,100 per machine. The main differences are the size of buttons.

  • 1″ buttons
  • 1½”
  • 2″ buttons
  • 3″
  • 6″ buttons

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Those are some of the more popular size of button and different button machines are built for each size. One of the more popular ones is the Tecre button maker. It is available in manual and electric-style button making applications and Tecre offers support for high or low volume button makers.

Basic Guide for Making/Personalizing Buttons

Here is a basic overview for you, the button maker do-it-yourself person. The steps may vary slightly based on your needs but as a general reference, see the steps outlined here:

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  • Determine the size of button you desire
  • Research online designs and templates for inspiration
  • Design your artwork and font or select someone to design it for you
  • If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, be sure you have a button maker machine and a graphic punch
  • Line up your templates in the graphic punch
  • Insert silver tab from graphic punch to the button machine
  • Insert the image above the silver tab
  • Insert and align the plastic for the outer layer in the button machine inlay
  • Insert metal ring on other side of button maker inlay
  • Activate the button maker per manufacturer specification (normally a simple two-step lever press)

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Then repeat these steps for each button that you need to create. Afterward you simply enjoy your customized button. There is also a fabric button maker that will follow a similar guideline to customization. This is really a simple process but most people opt to hire out for the creation of the buttons. The reason for this is due to either machine cost or how time-consuming creating several hundred or several thousand buttons can be for one button maker.