DUI is short for Driving Under Influence while DWI is short for Driving While Intoxicated. Talking about DUI vs DWI, there are a number of differences that one can list out. You can of course get arrested for if you are caught DUI or DWI but the legal definition of each varies and thus will your punishment. DUI is strictly confined only to driving under the influence of alcohol whilst DWI may be due to drugs or alcohol. However, drugs can be taken legally or illegally. In most states DUI vs DWI is in favor of DUI where charges are pinned lesser. This depends on the amount of alcohol found in the blood of the accused. A few states don’t even charge against DUI while the charges against DWI can be quite severe. One exception is Minnesota where there are no distinctions DUI vs DWI. Both are charged equally and there is basically no difference since they have the zero tolerance policy.

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A DUI case comes under the criminal case or the civil case. It is civil if the person is under 21 years of age and criminal if he is legally an adult. The criminal case comes up as the Class C misdemeanor and first time offence can lead to a fine of $5000. There is no jail term though. You might of course be sent to an alcohol awareness class by the judge. If the offence is repeated you will be made to pay more and you will also have to serve sometime in the jail in order to teach you a lesson. DWI has both civil and criminal cases too but each means different. The punishment for a civil case is the suspension of license for a year along with a fine of $5000 and also a jail term. The severity of the punishment of course depends on how many times the offense has been repeated. The criminal case here comes under the Class B demeanor and a minimum of $2000 will be fined with a few days in jail. In DUI vs DWI in terms of punishments, DWI definitely has higher consequences.

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However, punishment differs in different places like how DUI vs DWI NY implements. DUI offenders are divided into three categories here for first timers vs DWI charges that are $3000 fine, suspension of the license, revocation and many other charges depending on the severity of the offence. Jail is rare for first timers in NY. DUI vs DWI NJ is unique. The minimum BAC in NJ is 0.1 as opposed to 0.2 everywhere else. Whether it is DUI or DWI, your license will be suspended for 1-3 months and you will have to attend a month of community service. If public utility vehicle drivers are found drunk, the charges will be higher. The charges can keep getting severe based on factors such as possession of drugs. DUI vs DWI California is of course more or less the usual. The laws however are getting stringent but the number of cases is only increasing.

DUI vs DWI is prominent in some cases while almost similar in others. Whatever it may be, drunken driving is a serious hazard.