Whether you are talking to friends and family or watching the news, it is not hard to find examples of drunk driving stories. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone living in US dies every 48 minutes at the hands of an intoxicated or drunk driver. In 2009, over 1.4 million people found themselves facing charges for driving under the effects and influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drunk Driving Teenager Stories

This alarming trend is especially common in young adults. One of the best ways to reinforce the importance of safe and sober driving habits is by using stories. While many people feel like they can drive with no problem or that this does not happen to people like them; drunk driving stories from the local paper or news and even teenage drunk driving stories from schools and community centers provide a sobering truth. By finding stories of people like them, the excuses no longer work and, hopefully, the behavior can be corrected.

tragic atories of teenage drunk driving

Common places that employ drunk driving stories and videos include high schools, community centers, rehabilitation centers and drug and alcohol education facilities. While these stories and videos may be graphic and tragic, they quickly take any humor out of the issue and make it real and relevant. While these methods may be controversial to some, the images, sounds and experiences contained in each story tend to linger in your mind and may help someone to make the right decision next time they are out drinking.

drunk driving fatal accidents stories

Sadly, it is easy to find victims of drunk driving stories in nearly every age group within every community. This is not an issue that affects a small group of people in one location. By driving drunk, anyone in the vicinity is in danger. From the stories of the aspiring college football player losing his life after the championship win, to the loving grandmother struck down on her way to a birthday party; drunk driving stories teach the true cost of drunk driving in a way few other formats or statistics can come close to. Due to this, people hoping to end drinking and driving purchase magazine ads, television ads and billboards every day. Viewing these images and hearing these stories, are a constant reminder of what drinking and driving may cost you and your family.

drunk driving stories victims

While the community and various organizations help to teach the dangers of drunk driving, drunk driving stories can be an ideal way to ensure your children, family or friends understand the dangers personally. Simply choose an appropriate story and sit down with them. The 15 minutes it takes to educate a person about these incidents and telling them about real drunk driving stories, may save their life and the lives of others. The sad truth is, no one is safe from drunk driving and often it is not the just the person who has been drinking that is injured or killed. A few drunk driving accidents stories may be all it takes to make someone you care about, reconsider their actions when drinking or before getting in a vehicle with someone who is intoxicated.