It is ironic how fatality related to motor vehicle accidents becomes the leading cause of accidental death in the world, especially since the first documented fatality of this kind of accident happened merely 142 years ago in Ireland. Although mankind had been constantly trying to improve safety in transportation by doing extensive researches on various aspects of transportation itself such as traffic management technology, safe automobiles, better driving regulations and even making Driving Under Influence strictly illegal in all 50 states in the United States, drunk driving statistics available today are still showing insignificant decrease in fatality and accidents count over the years.

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Drunk driving statistics California shows that there are more than two hundred thousand arrests made every year in the state of California alone for drunk driving. The arrests are due to the law that states that anyone with 0.08% or more of BAC or blood alcohol count will be held against the law and can be charged on two counts of violation, the first being driving a vehicle while impaired by alcohol and the second is having a blood alcohol count of 0.08% or more. Although the law is US based, a lot of countries in the world today are starting to enforce such laws to prevent more casualties caused by drunk driving.

Fatalities shown on drunk driving statistics websites around the internet should be considered as a warning to most people who are still blissfully ignorant to the fact that drunk driving indeed kills. Seeing as drunk driving statistics by age in the United States every year shows an awful lot of percentage of fatalities on motor vehicle accidents that were caused by drunk driving, the act will never be cool or use to show off but it is actually totally foolish and dangerous. Drunk driving statistics shows that over 41% of the motor vehicle accidents that happened in the United States are caused by drunk driving and 30% of that number represents death of young people ranging from 5 to 24 years old.

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With stricter law enforced on DUI violators nowadays however, we can see a bit of a change when we see statistics about drunk driving. With the law obliging offenders to spend jail time and DUI schooling, drunk driving statistics had shown improvement after the enactment of the new blood alcohol count of 0.08%. As people seem to be in need of strict law and order regarding of this matter, it is now up to the law enforcement department to continue their good job patrolling the roads for drunken drivers.