Drinking alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts is not healthy. Are you aware that it can alter your body functions? Even your consciousness can be affected too, to a point that it might cause you to get into accidents when you drive when you’re drunk? According to Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) drunk driving statistics in 2009, about 32% in the whole United States get into car crash accidents due to alcohol influence.

Alcohol health effects may occur for a short or long period of time. Short term effects occur right after you consume alcohol – the hangover. Long term effects are experienced after long years of habitual drinking – liver cirrhosis, kidney disease and many more.


Alcohol when absorbed, travel all throughout the body. It can reach every organ as the blood reaches to. As a result, the alcohol reaches our brain too, which in turns affects one’s consciousness. When one’s consciousness is lowered, he or she cannot perceive the things around him same as to what one who is not influenced by alcohol can perceive.

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If you drive when your level of consciousness is down, you can possibly get into trouble, especially when traveling at night after going into a club or any kind of party. Teenagers do this most of the time as referred to drunk driving statistics. They are not aware of the later consequences of too much drinking. As far as they enjoy in the party, they do not care. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles drunk driving statistics California, 16 to 19 years old have very high rates of car accidents among other age groups.

Loss of muscle control is also an effect of alcohol to the body. Poor coordination is another reason that you should know too. As discovered by teenage drunk driving statistics, there are other factors too that adds to car crash of teenagers.

These are the other factors that cause car crash accidents to teenagers aside from alcohol, as said by drunk driving statistics of the California department of motor vehicles. One is low perception of risk. Teenagers are found out to be lacking the skill of knowing the risk of their actions.

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Another cause that drunk driving accidents statistics found out is that teenagers are risk takers. These ages surely love to explore. They are very attracted to dangerous activities. They hate seatbelts and they are very much confident that they drive professionally.

Hopefully, you will remember these few things and avoid driving when drunk. See more drunk driving statistics to know more about the present state of it globally.