Driveway resurfacing can help you restore your cracked and chipped driveway back to its normal appearance again, as good as brand new even. Driveways take a lot of abuse from vehicles and daily use. People can spend a ton of money to replace a driveway when it is easier and more cost-efficient to use driveway resurfacing. You used to need a professional to fix your driveway but that is no longer true. This article can tell you how resurfacing a driveway can be easy with a few supplies from your local do-it-yourself store and the help of a friend.

a neat concrete driveway resurfacing

Asphalt can develop cracks and depressions over time that can allow water to seep in. Water will damage your driveway by causing expansion. If you repair the cracks by sealing driveways, permanent damage can be avoided along with costly asphalt replacement. Here is a step-by-step article that is put together to help you understand driveway resurfacing. The best time to repair a driveway is when the outside temperature is above 50 degrees and it has not rained in at least 2 days.

Prepare the driveway surface by power washing the entire area. Be sure to remove all debris, oil, and plant life if needed. You can use a bleach water mixture and scrub brush if you have any algae growth.

Fill in all of the cracks. Use elastomeric filler for cracks that are bigger than a quarter inch. Smooth the filled cracks out evenly with a flat object such as a putty knife. If you have large eroded areas or deep holes you will need to use trowel grade paste filler. Apply the trowel grade paste filler and then smooth it with your trowel. Smooth the filler & blend the edges.

smooth resurfaced concrete driveway

Asphalt resurfacing agents need to be mixed. This can be done by hand or by using a drill mixer attachment. Make sure that your resurfacing agent is mixed thoroughly before application. You want to start around the edges of the driveway and apply your resurfacing agent. Use a four to five inch paintbrush to apply the mixture to the edges.

Ask a friend to pour the resurfacing agent for you while you go back and forth smoothing it with a wide squeegee. You will need to smooth it evenly across the whole driveway. Wait 48 to 72 hours before using the driveway for vehicles.

Congratulations on learning driveway resurfacing! Enjoy your new driveway.