Drink driving penalties are often given to those people who are caught driving any time of the day under the intoxication of alcohol. These are commonly given to drunk drivers and can range from the simplest to the most complicated ones.

first offence drink driving penalties

The Situation
If you have been caught by the policemen driving while your drunk, there is no reason why you will not be brought to jail for investigation. Policemen would like to know if, aside from drunk driving, there are still other offenses that you may have committed. For those who will be given drink driving penalties first offence, you would just be given a warning and you will be just asked for a report of the details of what happened to you, after which you are allowed to go.

The Penalties
For those who are to be given drink driving penalties for several times already, the degree of penalty can be truly increased and can be definitely be more serious. Measuring alcohol level in the blood is one method used to determine the severity of the punishment to be given to your once you are caught or arrested. This is known as the breath test and is often required in investigating drink driving incidences. Once arrested, you have to spend money due to the possibility of being filed a case in court together with the loss of your driver’s license. Worst case scenario, even your vehicle can be confiscated from you. Queensland drink driving penalties is considered to be one of the toughest laws when it comes to punishing driving under alcohol intoxication.

Drink Driving Offense Penalties

You might also be asked to place a device in your car that can be able to put it into an automatic stop once detected that you are intoxicated with alcohol. You can also be charged with more severe drink driving penalties if you are caught drink driving with passengers especially if they are minors usually less than 16 years old. Your case can even be added with child endangerment together with drink driving

Why Drink Driving Deserve Penalties
These penalties are not just given based on the discretion of policemen because they are definitely based on the drink driving penalties act which sets the corresponding degree and type of punishment to the certain degree or level of alcohol intoxication. You must be able to realize that drink driving is not just an ordinary case because it is something that cannot only threaten your life but also that of those people in your environment. Drink driving penalties are considered to be one of the most effective methods to prevent and control accidents brought about by driving drunk.