Dressers are one of the most important furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms. The necessity of storing your clothes becomes more prominent as these also serve decorative functions. In the leading furniture marts, you’ll see numerous dresser designs to choose from. You have to think about the complementary dresser designs to create a unique, comfortable and gorgeous setting inside your house. Let’s focus on the popular dresser designs available in the market and the way to maximize their utilities.

elegant dresser designs

Popular Dresser Designs

  • Wardrobe armoire dressers

This tall dresser type features two doors with a wider panel. There are usually more than 2 pulling-out drawers. You can order for customized two panel doors without drawers according to your preferences. The height of these armoires varies within a range of 2 to 4 meters. These cloth storages can hang clothes, or you can use the drawer to put the clothes in an organized way. These are exclusive bedroom dressers with unique entity and gorgeous styles.

  • Standard dressers for bedroom & living room

These standard dressers are comparatively smaller. The shape is usually rectangular and the height ranges between 24 – 48 inches. These come with 4/5 drawers and some occasional cabinets to help you store clothing and other items. Some homemakers use the top surface of these dressers as additional spaces for placing vases, photo frames and table clocks. The designs can be customized and the materials can be chosen according to your preferences. Usually the manufacturers use oak and maple wood to ensure durability.

  • Double dressers for spacious rooms

These dresser designs are good for spacious rooms and not commonly found in bedrooms. These low profile designs are wide enough to house 2/3 rows of drawers (each of the rows has 6 to 9 drawers). Some of these dressers feature matching mirror on top and some of them have provisions to installed mirrors later. These are good for storing as these provide maximum storage for your clothing.

  • Chest of drawer dressers for living rooms & bedrooms

Chest of drawers is the most common design being used since ancient times. These chests are made of wood and consist of four walls. The sturdy bottom and hinged lids provide utmost security to your expensive wardrobe collections. These chests are great for bedrooms, guest rooms, even for the garages. If you need an extra storage inside, a chest is certainly the wisest pick.

  • Tall dresser and customized cloth-storage units

cute tall dresser

These tall dresser designs are always above 48 inches. These storages can house up to 10 drawers. These versatile dressers are possibly the most effective storage options with a huge space inside. Furniture experts and homemakers recommend using these furniture for larger families with more than seven members. These storages can also house jewelry, books, cosmetics and much other stuff. If you have a spacious bedroom, these are certainly best picks.

Using the Dressers in a Right Way

  • Make sure that you choose the right option, avail enough space to store the items.
  • Keep your dressers organized; keep your items in perfect orders
  • Renovate and reorganize the closets and drawers regularly
  • Pay special attractions to the expensive items (keep the jewelries, watches and things like these properly)
  • Keep your closets protected from insects or any damaging animals/objects

Thousands of items and plenty of designs are available in the leading marketplaces. Think about what you need and how much space will help you organize things properly. Consult interior designers and experts to learn about the options; and how to utilize these to the utmost level.