While you may think that women aren’t the only ones who care about fashion, you’re dead wrong. Many men are attentive to their fashion, too. Plus, the purpose of fashion goes beyond plain esthetics. Ultimately, what you wear communicates who you are. Learn the proper dress etiquette for men so that you always look the part.

fashion etiquette for men

Significance of Fashion

Different types of fashion are meant to be worn to different types of events. For example, black tie is far from casual wear. It’s always important to know exactly how to dress for where you’re going. Men who dress well are thought of as not just attractive, but also confident and powerful. Men who are well dressed also receive better customer service.

Choose clothing that complements you. Everything about you, from your hair color to your body type, affects how certain clothing will look on you. Dress etiquette for men means wearing clothing that looks great on you, instead of simply following trends that may not complement you.

Black Tie and Formal Events

Dress etiquette for men is extremely important when attending black tie events. Weddings, charity events and operas require either a tuxedo or a dark suit. While women get to wear fancy Badgley Mischka dresses, men’s attire is a bit more conservative.

Some events that are normally formal may be semi-formal, depending on the time of day. For example, daytime weddings are usually less formal than evening weddings. For semi-formal events, opt for a dark suit, button down dress shirt and a modest tie.

dress code etiquette on mens formal attire

Proper Business Casual Attire

Daytime and outdoor events call for business casual attire. Trousers and a button down are great for business or a first date. Always have a dark tie on hand for conservative events, like funerals.  When dressing in business casual style, opt for a dress shirt and trousers. You don’t have to wear a tie, but you can if you’d like to. Opt to wear a blazer or sports jacket, too.

Final Considerations

The look of your clothing is not as important as the fit. You’ll want what you wear to fit perfectly, or else it won’t look nearly as nice as it can. Dress etiquette for men calls for clothing to be comfortable, but not too loose and baggy.  Pants should rise to the waist and fall underneath the belly button. Pant bottoms should brush the top of the shoes, not the floor.