Who doesn’t love music? There is probably not one soul who doesn’t love music. Of course, the genres vary. Some may like slow and soulful songs while some others may like hip-hop and rap. Going by the generation and the trends however, and just by looking at Drake official website, rap seems to be the most popular type of music today. The rappers are of course loved and cherished by fans. They want to be like them, they want to live like them, they want to dress up like them and sing like them. Whatever rappers do is cool today. Almost everyone imitates them.

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But, if you talk about rappers, one name keeps coming up time and again and that is Dizzy Drake. He came into the limelight back in 2006 with his mix tape and look at him today. You can see how many people visit the Drake official website every day. He has made fans go crazy about him. His music is adored and loved by one and all. Even though his first album was only available on the Drake official website and the Drake fan official website, it became a very big hit. Such was the intensity that radiated from his music.

His hits such as “So far gone” and “Thank me later” are unforgettable classics. The second mix tape was released in 2007 and boy, did he take everyone by storm! The Dizzy Drake official website was thronged by diehard fans, which could just not get enough of his music. The two mix tapes were instant hits and he became a very common name for many. The Drake rapper official website was more popular than ever.

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2009 came as a year of yet another milestone in Drake’s career as he came up with his third mix tape. In just the first two hours, the album saw over 2000 downloads worldwide. It is no wonder then that the Drake official website is visited a great number of times as his fans just keep increasing. The Drake official website contains immense information about his music and his latest releases and his fans love to be updated about what he is going to come up with next. This is why the Drake official website is one of the most visited websites of musicians today. It is always busy with fans trying to find out more about their favourite rapper and the on goings, such as his latest releases and downloads as well as his upcoming albums.

It is just the beginning for Drake as there is a lot more for him to achieve and millions of hearts to keep content with his music.