There are a number of drainage problems that could bother you from time to time. Water pooling and collecting on your roof are just a couple of the many. If you don’t fix drainage problems immediately, they could cause a lot of damage to your property by directly affecting its foundation. This is the reason why you should be very careful and repair the damage immediately. Here is some important information about water drainage problems.

Signs Of Drainage Problems

  • If you see rainwater accumulating on your rooftop, you can be sure that the gutter is clogged. The moisture will then begin to seep into your residence. Since the water trickles into the walls and cracks, the foundation of your house will see a major backdrop. Along with that, molds will start growing because fungi grow well in moisture. The growth of such molds will result in allergies, asthma attacks and the onset on pneumonia.

common Drainage Problems

  • If you see water accumulating in your yard, it may be because of the drainage basin problem. Soil erosion is another factor that is responsible for water in your yard. A badly constructed yard where the slope is uneven might also invite water pooling.

It is important to know the reason behind drainage problems before attempting to fix them. Hence, fixing them it dependent on the problem thus giving important to a good assessment before you tackle the problem.

Fixing Drainage Problems

  • Since rooftop water accumulation is due to clogged gutters, you should take care to keep the gutters clean and devoid of any debris. If you face these drainage problems, make sure you clean the gutter or call a professional to do the job for you. Another option would be to add more downspouts because clogged downspouts are also a reason behind this problem. The installation of more downspouts will make sure the water is removed from the roof and transported to the appropriate location.

  • The installation of a French drain will reduce and fix the problem of water standing. A French drain is nothing but a trench consisting of gravel or a pipe for drainage. The excess water is easily transported away from your residence through these drains.

drainage basins

  • If soil erosion is the reason behind the drainage problems, you could solve them by using chemicals that avoid the expansion. There are many more such control measures such as erecting barriers, planting vegetation and others.

  • If you notice cracks in your foundation, notify the expert immediately to find out the reason behind the cracks. If the cracks are because of drainage problems, call the repair company and get them fixed before they get worse and damage your property further.

Taking care of the drainage problems before they get worse will give you peace of mind and also save a lot of repair costs.