Looking good is always wanted by anyone. To men looking for a formal attire, one of the best option is perhaps a double breasted suit. From fashion designer brands to lower end brands, double breasted suits spell formality and class whether it’s an expensive one or not. Hence, the double breasted suit has always been a major option for men ever since they came into the market. Sporting a slightly redesigned look from its classic era, it still provides a sophisticated and appealing look to men of all frame types and body structures. Whether it’s well-fitted or striped, they certainly give a stunning look and men love wearing them. From celebrities like David Beckham, royalties like Prince Charles, and politicians like Former US president Bill Clinton, you might see them sporting one from time to time. If they wore them, you should perhaps try one as well.

grey double breasted suit

Mens Double Breasted Suit Key Features

  • A sleek V-line structure that accents the shoulders and trims the waist.
  • Small chest pocket
  • Two rows of symmetrical buttons
  • Overlapping lapels

While single breasted suits are still prominent in social circles and the business world, a double breasted suit in neutral tones, such as a black double breasted suit or a grey double breasted suit, provides a confident and attractive way to stand out from the crowd for any formal engagement.

Choosing a Proper Double Breasted Suit

navy double breasted suit for men

There have been some minor changes to the double breasted suit of eras past, such as side vents. However, the design and structure of the suit has remained largely the same. When purchasing a mens double breasted suit, there are a few things to look for and consider.

  1. Find a double breasted suit on which the longer lapel extends down to roughly waistline-level. This will create a more balance and proportional appearance that accents both the shoulders and waistline. It can also help to create an illusion of added height for those with small frames. If you are of a shorter build, avoid short lapels as this can make you look even smaller.
  2. Choose a peaked lapel for a more striking and pronounced look. While shawl lapels are available as well, they can create a more casual appearance. The shawl label tends to make a double breasted suit look more like an old fashioned smoker’s jacket than a classy and clean suit.
  3. Always have a double breasted suit tailored to fit your waist line. No matter what body style you might have, having the waistline fitted and tailored will provide a sleek and attractive appearance. For those with larger waistlines, consider a black double breasted suit with tailoring to create a slimmer, more toned appearance.

mens brown double breasted suit

  1. Find contrasting accessories to make your look stand out. The majority of mens double breasted suits will be in black, grey or white. This makes finding ties, cufflinks and handkerchiefs to accent them a simple and highly-effective way of setting off your look.

Choosing one is just the primary part and wearing one is a bigger part. Just like other clothing, fashion trends issue some common rules in wearing the double breasted suit. It is important to relatively follow them for you to be considered as wearing them properly. Here are some of the tips and insights in wearing double breasted suits properly according to fashion experts.

double breasted pinstripe luxury suit

Double Breasted Suit Do’s and Don’ts

  • For white suits, consider a black or grey bowtie and simple patterned handkerchief.
  • Don’t wear a double breasted suit without a tie.
  • Don’t unbutton double breasted suits
  • Grey suits pair equally well with both black and white accessories.
  • Consider a simple splash of color, such as red, blue or royal purple for black double breasted suits to draw the eye and keep yourself in the center of the spotlight.
  • Don’t wear button-down collars when wearing one as well.