Both men and women love to wear shorts whether its sexy micro shorts for women or rugged camo cargo shorts men and all other types of shorts in general. It is not too heavy, stylish, and is very comfortable to wear. Unlike pants wherein it is sometimes too hot to wear, shorts will give you a cooler feeling and more freedom in leg movement. But there are appropriates uses of shorts you must know. There are certain do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts for you to looks appropriate and have the best function in such clothing. Below are some of the major points that one needs to ponder upon regarding wearing shorts.

Classic Camo Cargo Shorts

Tips On What To Do and Not To Do

One is in terms of fashion. Many people get difficulty with matching clothes, people who quite lack in fashion knowledge. Pairing or matching styles, prints, plains, and many more is not in their vocabulary. Here are few tips.

  • Match plains and prints. Do not ever go with top prints and bottom prints. Plain tops and plain bottoms are fine, but make sure you pick different tones of colors.
  • Match dark and light colored clothes accordingly. Do not ever go with dark colored tops and dark colored bottoms, and vice versa.
  • Pair appropriate style of tops for the appropriate styles of bottoms. Do not match a loose top with loosely made shorts.

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Shorts

The second one is in terms of the current weather or climate. Shorts must be worn according to the current weather. Here are similar, actual situations wherein it is so hot and you spot some people, who have temperature regulation malfunction, wearing thick jackets and sweaters. It is so not appropriate. Try to go to the beach, and there are still some people walking under the sun wearing long sleeves and pants. The do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts in this term:

  • Wear shorts when it is hot, not when it is cold.

Third factor is the activity and occasion you are going into. Do you think it is appropriate to wear shorts in weddings, or corporate meetings? Do you want to look ridiculous? Of course not. Do you think it is appropriate to wear jeans in exercising or when going to gym? It is definitely a no-no. Here are the do’s and don’ts of wearing shorts in these factors:

  • During exercise, jogging, running, walking, biking and others, wear shorts. It is easier to bend and extend your legs in these activities if you are wearing shorts. Cargo shorts are appropriate with these activities.
  • Do not attempt to wear shorts when you are required to wear formal clothes, semi-formal, or corporate clothes. It is never right to wear shorts in these occasions. Follow the dress code as written in the invitation letter or as mentioned.