Headphones are usually a very important part of personal entertainment. However, for most people, maintaining headphones for a period of time proves quite problematic. If you want to avoid shopping for new ones more often than you should, then you need to learn how to take proper care of your headphones. Here are some dos and don’ts of using headphones.

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Dos and Don’ts of Using Headphones: The Dos

When you have finished using the headphones, grasp the plug firmly and pull them out. Pulling on the chord at times causes internal tears to the wires and the quality of the sound goes down.

When you use headphones for too long, there is always the possibility of earwax accumulating on them. To avoid this always make sure you clean your ears before you start using the headphones. You should also take your time and clean the headphones from time to time. Here is a simple process of how to clean Nixon headphones.

  • If they come in silicon fittings, make sure you remove them before you start cleaning.
  • Pour a little amount of hydrogen peroxide into a small dish.
  • Place the headphones with their screen side down inside the dish. Leave them for a little while. In the mean time, pour a little amount of cleaning alcohol into another dish.
  • Repeat the process of soaking, this time making use of the rubbing alcohol. When you are finished, leave the headphones for some time to allow the alcohol to evaporate. After this, you are done with the cleaning process.

Those are the things you should do to make sure that your headphones are always well taken care of. The following things are the dos and don’ts of using headphones.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Headphones: The Don’ts

  • To start off, do not pull the headphones out of the appliance you are using them with using the chord. When you do this, you risk tearing up the wires that make up the insides and thus spoiling the quality of the sound your headphones will give.
  • Under no circumstances should your headphones come into contact with water. Water causes the metallic parts to rust and this affects the quality of the sound your headphones will produce by the end of the day. Instead, if you have to clean them, use the procedure outlined above.
  • Avoid folding your headphones carelessly and stashing them into your pockets. This will affect the quality of the sound they give by the end of the day. Instead, make sure you fold them nicely and if they have a pouch, place them in there.
  • Avoid blowing air or vacuuming headphones; this will spoil them. Making use of the right cleaning procedures always helps.

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In addition to that it is good to buy earphones that are less vulnerable to wear and tear. Nixon headphones come with complete manuals on how to care for them. If you follow the simple do’s and don’ts of using headphones, they will serve you for a very long period of time.