Business cards are self-introduction letters and social networking cards for modern people. Business cards are indispensable tools of communication, especially when you have a big circle of friends and business partners. It is often said that a person who don’t know how to use his or her business cards is a person lacks communication experience. What are the do’s and don’ts in making a business card? How to make the best use of your business cards? To get the answers, first, you should have a basic idea of main contents a business card contains. No matter you are a manager in an international corporation or a small business owner, your business card should contain the following items: names of you and your company, logo of your company, your contact information and the categories of your business.

dos and donts for youd business card designs

What To Write

As mentioned above, you should tell people your name, what your business is about, and how to contact with you. Include department you belong to in the business card. Put your titles in it so as to let others know how to call you. If you have got more than two titles, just select one or two. If you are doing business with foreigners, you should put the contents in English or a language they understand in one side of the business cards.

Unimportant occasions, especially international business communications, there are three don’ts. First, don’t scrawl on your business cards. For instance, some people alter their phone numbers directly on their business cards. Giving others business cards with scrawling not only damage your image, but also doesn’t respect to the other side. Secondly, don’t put home phone numbers on business cards for working and business. Lastly, don’t list too many titles on your business cards.

Business Card Design Ideas

After getting a basic idea of do’s and don’ts in making a business card, it comes to the step of designing. The followings are some tips of making good business cards:

  • Don’t make it too large or too small.
  • Most card holders and card packages have unified specifications. Therefore, it is better to keep your business cards in accordance to them.
  • Generally speaking, the number of the colors of a business card should be limited to three. Too many colors will make your business card disorderly and unsystematic.
  • Without special reasons, don’t put your photo on business cards.
  • Don’t need to put any motto or aphorism on business cards.

simple business card idea

Handing Out The Business Card

Know how to exchange business cards with others is equally important as knowing do’s and don’ts in making a business card. There is a basic rule in exchanging business cards:

  • People with lower positions should offering hand their business cards to seniors firstly.
  • Secondly, friendship cannot stand always on one side. When you get business card from one person, you should give yours to him or her.
  • Another thing you should pay attention is that having a look after you receive a business card, or else, the other side will think you don’t respect them enough.