There are various types of outerwear you can wear outdoors, such as jackets, scarves, coats, cloaks, vests, and sweaters. Even gloves, hats, scarves, ponchos, and shoes also come under outwear classification. These types of outerwear often form unique style statements, but, there are some do’s and don’ts for outerwear, which you should keep in mind.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Outerwear Style

A.)  Do’s and Don’ts for Outerwear Jackets
1.)  For men:

  • Choose a slim fit jacket that is sleek and smooth instead of having bulky designs in them like big and thick patches and lots of extra zippers and chains.
  • Choose a jacket that rests a few inches below your waist.
  • Choose a jacket that comes with high-cut sleeves.
  • If you are tall, choose double- breasted suit jacket, else opt for single- breasted suit jacket.
  • Choose a bomber jacket with comes in classic style and design.

2.)  For women:

  • Choose a form-fitting jacket.
  • Don’t wear a long jacket while wearing shorts or skirts.
  • Accessorize jacket with belts or scarf.

B.)  Do’s and Don’ts for Outerwear Coats

1.)    For men:

For tall men, choose a long trench coat, while shorter men can go for medium length trench coats.

2.)    For women:

For women, a sweater coat can be worn over a belted high waist skirt with printed shirt. An obi coat can be worn over jeans with a full sleeves plain shirt.

3.)    For both men and women:

A trench coat can be paired by men and women with formal attire or casual wear.

C.)  Do’s and Don’ts for Outerwear Cloaks, Shirts, Belts, Trousers

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1.)    For men:

When wearing formal attire, choose socks that are of almost the same shade as the trousers. The vest must be smooth and form-fitting.

2.)    For women:

Don’t pair animal printed scarf with animal printed dresses.

3.)    Other Reminders:

  • Cloaks that are tailored and are of medium length are suited for wear with formal dresses. For women, cloaks that are full length are fashionable if worn with a short skirt and t- shirt.
  • The color of belt and shoes should not be the same.
  • For dress shirts, when a tie is worn it must be in lighter color than that of the dress shirt or something that complements the entire formal attire.
  • Choose formal trousers for which the hemline is of exact height so that the socks don’t show.

Do’s and Don’ts For Outerwear Care

1.)    Don’t use harsh chemicals for leather jackets.

2.)    Do clean and condition leather jackets with good leather cleaner and conditioner products.

3.)    Do store leather jackets away from sunlight.

4.)     Do clean a wool coat stains with a wet sponge.

5.)     Do clean scarf with mild soap water.

6.)     For men, do clean formal leather shoes with a leather shoe cleaner, waterproofed and conditioned before polishing.

7.)    Do clean hats with a soft brush dipped in mild soap water.

8.)    For leather belts, do remove any stain using a soft brush dipped in leather cleaner.

9.)    Do apply a coat of saddle soap.

10.)      Do hang or roll belts neatly. Don’t fold them.

All outwear such as jackets, coats, and cloak can also be personalized. Personalized sweatshirts are custom designed in different ways, such as according to the logo of a college or team, or simply with just a favorite quote or text.