For a young girl, nothing is more important than the prom night. Surely every girl wants to look perfect in every way. Thus you should consider the dos and don’ts during prom so that you don’t go wrong. Remember that your dress is extremely important and you should take special care to ensure that you have the best for your body.

well designed sheath v-neck sequin draped silk-like satin long silver party dress

Here are a few dos and don’ts during prom to help you out:

  • The typical dress for a prom is the voluminous dress and you can look good in this no matter what your skin tone is and no matter how tall you are. However, if you want the perfect dress, you have to do some homework.
  • Colors are very important.

–          If you are fair skinned, you should go for lavender, pink, and other pastels. If you want to go for the contrast color, you can choose dark green or blue. You should stay away from white. While a lacy white dress is gorgeous, it might seem like it is your wedding. Thus you should remember this dos and don’ts during prom point for sure. Red is a good color though especially if you like bold colors.

–          For medium skin tone girls dark purple and olive green are ideal choices. You can also experiment with orange if you like. White is also a good color for you.

–          For dark skinned girls, just about anything besides brown and black will look great. White is an ideal choice and so is silver. You can buy the silver sequin dress and look flawless. If you want black or brown, you can make them work for you with proper accessories.

  • In the dos and don’ts during prom, the shape of your body also plays a role. The dress should definitely flatter you. For example, skinny and tall girls can wear an empire waist dress. This dress will make you feel like a goddess.

–          Girls who are curvy but not with a full figure can go for tight, body hugging clothes. Make sure you buy clothes that flow out as they go down. In other words, these are known as mermaid dresses and they can make you look beautiful.

–          For full figured girls, empire waist dresses are ideal. You can also choose a princess-like dress for your prom.

–          Petite girls will also look good in a mermaid dress. All you have to do is get the dress shortened if it is long. Short prom dresses are also a good choice. They are currently a rage.

be a princess with this purple prom dress

That’s it in the dos and don’ts during prom. Now that you know what to wear and what to avoid, you can adorn yourself with accessories and get ready for the big night!