Dolphin shorts appear to be making a comeback into the fashion world after being out of the limelight for almost 30 years. They started off as shorts that were primarily designed for people engaging in athletics and you could easily spot a pair of vintage Dolphin shorts by the banding around the edges of the shorts. It was usually white in color and provided a nice contrast to the bright primary colors that made up the shorts themselves. In addition to the solid colored shorts, a line of what is called candy-stripe patterned shorts was released, often with alternating stripes of blue and white or red and white.

no boundaries women junior shorts

Soon afterwards, Dolphin shorts in general found themselves part of high school and college athletics uniforms. Looking back, it is hard to exactly pinpoint where the name came from. Some people say that the name came from Dolfin swimwear which helped to bring the style into the mainstream in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Other people say that the side on view of a person wearing these shorts resembles a dolphin tale because of the way that the hem raises to a point on the side of each thigh. Dolphin shorts usually have a drawstring cord at the front for every waist size and their free fitting design makes them ideal for any sport where a lot of leg movement is required.

mens retro dolphin shorts

Mens Dolphin shorts in particular were popularized by celebrity fitness guru Richard Simmons who still wears them to this day, but they are definitely not limited to men only. Dolphin shorts for women are available in a range of styles and an even greater number of colors. Black, pink, cobalt blue and green seem to be the most popular choices and all look good in combination with the pure white drawstrings which hang down at the front. It would certainly be hard to find a better tribute to the 1980s than white drawstrings!

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The other good thing about Dolphin shorts is that they are usually 100% cotton and discounts can be had if you order in bulk. Some shopping sites also give you free shipping on all orders that total 6 items or more which is a huge money saver. Would you believe that in addition to the many styles of Dolphin shorts available to men and women, you can also now buy them for infants too? They are perhaps more beneficial to babies than anyone else because of the wide range of movement that is possible in Dolphin shorts. Furthermore, they can be quickly and easily taken off and put back on whenever the nappy needs to be changed. If you want a whole outfit for your baby or toddler you can also buy a matching t-shirt to go with it.

early 80s dophin unisex golden yellow navy blue shorts

So if you’re looking for shorts with a classic look with excellent comfort and maneuverability, Dolphin shorts is definitely for you!