The towel wrap is designed to alleviate the anxiety over slipping or falling bath towels. You don’t need to buy towel wraps or shower wraps in department stores or boutiques. You can use the principle of recycling to make your own. You can even sell or give personalized towel wraps as gifts. Get ready and enjoy making your own towel wraps for comfort and fashion.

Materials needed:

  • Bath towel or bath sheet (recommended for women) long enough to wrap around the body with a significant overlap
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
  • 8 inches Velcro (soft and easy to sew)
  • 1 ½ yards of a 1 inch wide elastics (adjust the length if needed)
  •  4 yards of ribbon (will serve as a lining or decoration)

 squeaky clean and dry after  bath shower towel

Steps in Making a Towel Wrap

  • Spread the towel. Sew ribbon on one short side and one long side of the bath towel. This will serve as decoration or lining.
  • Turn the bath towel over. The ribbon should be facing down.
  • Make a fold on the undecorated side of the bath towel measuring 1 ½ inches and pin. Then from the edge, sew the fold 1 ¼ inches.
  • Wrap the elastic around your body measuring your desired length and noting where you want the wrap to begin. Make sure that the elastic is firm. Do not pull it tightly. Once established, trim the elastic.
  • Insert the elastic throughout the pouch that was created in step 3. For the work to be easy, a safety pin can be attached to the elastic.
  • Sew the end of the elastic. It should be 8 inches on both towel ends. The towel must bunch or cluster a bit. Remember that the elastic must be sewn on the short side of the towel with ribbons on it.
  • Peel the Velcro apart. Sew one side of the Velcro where the elastic stops. Flip the towel with the decorative side facing up. On the towels opposite end, sew the other side of the Velcro.  This Velcro is the reason why at times this is called a Velcro towel wrap.

Voila! It is now ready to use.

popular towel wrap for children

How to Add the Straps

If you wanted to make a bath towel wrap with straps, just add a hand towel that will serve as the straps. To make the straps, cut a strip from the left side of the towel.  The strip should measure 2 ½ by 24 inches. Then cut another one from the right side. Tidy up the rolled hem that was from the two strips’ short ends. The edge of the strap that was cut longer should be folded ½ inch. The finished edge should then be folded so that it will overlap the cut edge. Pin the whole strap’s length in this manner.  Sew a seam measuring ¼ inch alongside the finished end of the strap. Repeat this on the other strap.

Use the right-over-left manner for attaching these straps.  Pin one end of the strap on the left side of the towel (it is the right side when you wear the bath towel wrap) to the inside of the back of the towel. Just make sure to mark where you wanted the straps to be. Pin other end of the strap to the inside of the front towel. Just be sure to make an overlap of 2 inches on each end of the strap. This is the closest strap to the towel fold. Pin one end of the other strap on the right side of the towel (that is the left side when you wear it) to the inside of the back of the towel. Pin the other end to the outside of the middle layer. Sew the straps in place to give it a finishing look.

Find time to shop if you wanted to have a plush and soft bath towels. In choosing designs for your personalized towel wraps, let your creativity run wild!