The main purpose of installing DIY wall hooks at home is to keep coats and other valuables tidy and neatly hanging when they are not in use. With these decorative wall hooks, your place will not only look clean, but organized as well. If you are planning to make one and you struggle for ideas, read on below to see the most creative wall hook designs that you could use.

decorative diy wall hook

Easy, Breezy Artsy Ideas for Decorative Wall Hooks

1. Paint Drop Coat Hangers

This coat hanger is perfect for individuals who painted their home by themselves. The hook’s design looks like a dripping paint. This is a good wall hook idea if you have a paint drip in your wall for you may use it as a theme. Install the number of hooks according to your preference and enjoy a fun switch from your traditional wall hooks.

2. Arcade Coat Hooks

Do you have unused joystick balls and buttons at home? Then you can now make use of them as you create this unique wall hook design. The arcade coat hook is great for hanging umbrellas, coats, purses, and other stuff that needs to be hung. Simply screw your joysticks on a wooden board and voila! You now have one-of-a-kind DIY wall hooks right at your own home.

3. Mountain-Shaped Wall Hooks

It may look like a mere piece of wood attacked by a hungry bear, but the truth is, it is designed to look like mountains with snow covering on top. To do this wall hook design, simply grab a wood-carving tool and carve your way to a stylish wall hook design. It is cheap, practical, and flexible as you can hang anything on it, no matter where you choose to install it.

4. Mushroom Wall Hooks

Easy to mount and minimalistic – these qualities make these DIY wall hooks a fantastic accent in your home. One good thing about this design is that it looks good even if nothing is hung into it as it resembles a mushroom sprouting out from the bark of a tree or forest ground. To imitate this wall hook style, simply mount three or more pieces of rosewood on the wall in a 45-degree position. Paint one side of each wood with white or cream color to give it an accent and distinctive appeal.

artistic diy driftwood wall garden

5. Ribbon Coat Rack

This wall hook design is basically a curled piece of iron that resembles a ribbon blown by the wind. If you have iron pieces at home, simply curl it like a ribbon three to five times, paint it with your desired color, and mount them into the walls of your home. It will not only hold your coats and scarves neatly, but will look good as a wall art as well.

6. Cup Handles

Cups are very useful in our dining room and kitchen, but who ever thought that they would also look great as wall hooks? Use this idea to keep your clothes hanging neatly, as well as other things. Simply mount the cups in an upright position, make sure that the distances between them are similar, and witness your unique DIY wall hooks serve you like traditional coat hangers do.