Don’t you just love the originality that comes with DIY tshirt designs? Well, if you are tired of wearing the same mass produced and common designer t shirts, there are simple ways that you can step out and create your own style. This includes making and designing your own t shirts. Here are some easy steps that you can follow in creating DIY tshirt designs.

amazing DIY tshirt designs

Step One: Selecting the Material

The first and foremost step in DIY tshirt designs is getting the right material. The material you choose will depend on the design ideas that you have in mind. Cotton is great if you want to use dyes in the design. Other great materials include a mix of cotton, polyester and rayon. Once you have selected the material, have the seller cut the portion that is going to be enough for your needs.

Step Two: Sewing the T shirt

T shirts are pretty simple to sew. If you have the basic sewing skills, you will have a very easy time doing it.

  • For a simple design, you can simply use one of your t shirts as a guide or pattern.
  • The first thing to do is to cut out the front piece, back piece, the sleeves and the neck binding.
  • You can then sew them carefully together using the appropriate stitches.
  • As you advance with DIY t shirt design, you can learn how to sew more complex types like off shoulder and so on. For complex t shirt outline, you really need to measure the length and width of the t shirt, sleeves and neckline.

Step Three: Decorating the T shirt

The most important part of DIY tshirt designs is the decoration or embroidery. There are many designs to follow and here are a few creative ideas.

  • Adding an image to the t shirt: You can use any image that you fancy and add it to the t shirt. One of the easiest ways to do that is screen printing. Cartoons, funny characters, sayings and any other special images are some of the many types of images that you can print on your t shirt.
  • Bleaching: You can bleach the t shirt to create stunning and cool effects. All you need to do is tie off the parts that you want to bleach and soak it in the dye. However, be careful with dyes as they weaken the fabric of the t shirt. White and light-colored t shirts are the best to bleach. Make sure the fabric can be bleached too.
  • Painting: You can get some funny quotes and paint them onto the t shirt using fabric or textile paints. You can write anything as long as it is creative and catchy.
  • Glitters: Making the t shirt sparkle is another option of DIY tshirt designs. You can use colorful beads or buttons and sew them on the shirt to make it shine.

coming up with a t shirt business

These are just some of the simple steps and artistic ideas for your DIY tshirt designs. If you are keen and creative, you might be having a t shirt business soon. Hence, start making t shirts and utilize these DIY tshirt designs.