This craft project is not only good as gifts, but also a good activity that you can do with your kids on Earth day or on any lazy day. By making small picture frames from scraps like cardboards and papers, you can finally reduce the clutters you have at home as well as on your surroundings.

This is just one way of being creative and decluttering your home, while there are still hundreds of things that you can do and might interest you by researching more online. This one is unique since it uses the art of folding. Below are the simple instruction on what to use and how to create one.

bright pink small picture frame


For this hand craft, you will need to gather the following stuffs:

  • 2 pieces of paper scraps
  • Ruler
  • A pair of scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Clear plastic for packaging
  • A picture

Note: Your small picture frames can be made from different types of paper scraps. If you have plenty of magazines, old calendars, or newspapers at home, then consider using them to create a unique and cute handicraft.


  1. Cut the two pieces of paper scraps into squares that measure 8 inches on all sides.
  2. Get one square and crease it in half to form a triangle. Crease the paper once again, this time on the opposite side. Undo the creases so that the paper is flat again.
  3. Hold all the corners of the paper and crease them towards the center. Unfold the corners once again and this will act as your crease A.
  4. This time around, fold the corners of the paper twice in the center. Once you are done, a 3 by 3 inch square should appear.
  5. Flip the paper upside down and fold the corners once inch towards the center. Set aside.
  6. Get the other piece of scrap and start making your small picture frames stand. To do so, you have to fold the paper in half and horizontally into the center. The end result should be a long rectangle. Open the folds and then flatten.
  7. Crease both sides of the paper you used in step 6 to make a long rectangle with flaps.
  8. Close the flaps, fold ½ inch of the paper on top and down in the bottom. Connect both ends of the flap by folding the paper in half.
  9. Insert the ends of the flap into the back corners of the first paper. After assembling the stand, tape it so that it won’t go out of place.
  10. Trim your photo in a 4 by 4 inch measurement. Slide the photo inside the frame. You can cover it with clear plastic to achieve a real photo frame look.

classic wooden photo frames

Making small picture frames is fun, and incredibly easy as well. In case your photos are just too many to place in picture frames, then you should consider placing them in a 5×7 photo album or maybe creating a collage so that your memories will not only be organized, but are safely preserved as well.