Taking the DIY route is the most practical and cheapest route when it comes to roofing repairs. DIY roofing will not only save you more bucks, it will also increase your skills in carpentry and experience in home maintenance. Having a professional is not necessary anymore. With some tools, planning, and some skills in carpentry; anyone can do it. Since DIY roofing repairs are time-consuming tasks, it would be best to ask help from other individuals, like friends, family members, neighbors, and the like. It would also be better to schedule it at a good weather, since having an unfinished roof during rainy seasons and bad weather can really give you a major headache.

proper DIY polycarbonate roofing

There are many tasks that are included in DIY roofing. One of this would be DIY roofing installation. Before doing so, it would be best to check your local laws and regulations, to get to know what are the necessary steps and requirements to follow before undertaking the task. Usually, most states would require a person to have a building permit before any roof installation be done and an inspection to follow once it is finished. The most basic tools that you should have in installing a new roof would be a heavy duty stapler, tool belt, 16-ounce claw hammer, carpenter’s level, and a retractable measuring tape and chalk line. There are other tools required for DIY roofing depending on the material used for the roof covering.

Another roofing task that can be done via DIY would be DIY roofing shingles. First, you have to lay out the first row of shingles at the front part of the roof’s edge, with three tabs of shingles sitting over the starter strip. To hold it in place, put a nail at about a foot apart on top of the shingle. After the first row, go up to the top of the roof, staggering the ones below it; until the entire roof is finished. Do the same process from the other side of the roof until both sides will meet at the ridge.

how to shingle your shed roof

DIY roofing tasks might be a bit complicated and physically demanding for some, but that does not mean that you cannot do it. The Web offers a lot of DIY roofing tips that are sure to answer your questions and give you tips on how to go about your roofing repairs. So, get your tools and replenish your carpentry skills. Skip the need for a professional and try to get your hands moving with DIY roofing tasks.