Make a statement with the right hat. Similar to a fedora, the poet hat is the Indiana Jones hat worn by Harrison Ford in the blockbuster adventure movie. You do not need to copy the color, style or design exactly. Make some changes and the poet hat will fit your style perfectly whether you are trying to shield your eyes from the sun, to make a statement, or just to have a little fun.

 Awesome Indiana Jones hat

Making Your Own Adventure Hat

  • For a stylish female look, change the color of your poet hat to match the color of your favorite outfit. The hat can be dyed to create a rainbow of color options.
  • Add a touch of class to a black tie affair by wearing a black adventure hat.
  • If you prefer, leave your headwear brown and pair it with a casual outfit.
  • Get the hat in a sporty khaki for a safari in the jungle or try it in gray for a day working in the concrete jungle.
  • Choose a poet hat with a high crown or a low crown, depending on the style you like best.
  • You can also modify the belt that circles this hat, which was made famous in the blockbuster adventure movie. A thinner belt made of braided leather gives your fedora a more casual, cowboy look. A thin strap of leather with a metal accent makes your hat ready for business. A thick band of silk adds elegance to any adventure hat. A thicker belt makes the hat appear taller, too.
  • Design your hat to be made of straw, cotton or the traditional wool fabric featured in the blockbuster adventure movie.
  • You can choose a wide or narrow brim. A wide brimmed version of the poet can be paired with a swimsuit for a day at the beach or relaxing at the swimming pool to protect your face and eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.
  • For fun, get a matching whip and wear your hat as an exciting costume.

Must learn DIY adventure hat

Buying An Adventure Hat

The hat is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs and wardrobe. If you do not know your hat size, simply measure your head at its widest point. Although a variety of sizes are always in stock, you can also special order larger or smaller sizes for a custom fit.

The exact hat worn by Harrison Ford in the blockbuster adventure movie is always available in sizes that range from 55cm to 63cm. Do not forget to add fractions of a size when ordering your hat to ensure a perfect fit. It is also interesting to do a little research about the poet hat, itself. It was hand-picked by the movie’s director, Steven Spielberg and its star, Harrison Ford. This type of hat has been around for over a century, which lends credence to its ability to endure modifications while remaining stylish. Try one in your favorite color, style, and design as a boost to any wardrobe.