Nowadays, a lighter is one of the necessities in everyday’s life. Most people will agree that lighters make their lives easier because they don’t have to scratch two sticks just to get fire compared to before. Lighters are not just handy for smokers but it has a lot of uses especially for campers and are one of the “must be kept” items at home. The fact that lighters are in demand in the market nowadays, its makers came out of a wide array of styles and types for buyers to choose from. Most smokers would definitely go for branded lighters because it is refillable, reliable, and with style. However, for travelers and campers, disposable lighters are more advisable, cheaper and are easier to find. In camping, you don’t look for class but of practicality, on the other hand, smokers want exclusive lighter that would always build a high reputation.

Lighters use different fuels to make it work. Most branded lighter use liquid lighter fuel. Cigar lighters are mostly butane refill lighters and disposable lighters also use butane but are not refillable which makes it cheaper compared to the rest. It became an important tool because of the convenience it provides.

favorite BIC disposable lighter

Advantages of Disposable Lighters

Here are the advantages of using disposable lighters:

  • They are easy to find. You can easily buy it in a store or in a gasoline station.
  • They are very cheap so you don’t have to worry if it is lost, unlike branded ones that are expensive so you can’t afford of losing one.
  • It is always advisable to bring during camping, mountain hiking, or when going out for an excursion because you don’t have to worry about refilling it if it runs dry.
  • Disposable lighters are more practical to use at home in case there is power shortage since it can light up a candle easily. You can keep many of these lighters at home since it is less expensive.
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors adding fun when keeping few of these lighters.

cheap disposable lighters set

For most men, branded lighters became a craze. Its classic look, its price, and its style are a thing of inclination and it even became a men’s collection. On the other hand, disposable lighters’ main purpose is to get fire easily minus the worries of losing it or misplacing it. Disposable lighters may not be as sophisticated like the branded ones but it can serve you well for a time being. It will surely give you a hand during emergency situations, can light up your bonfire during late night sessions at the camp site, can heat up your coal after catching a fish, can provide flame on a candle in a candle light dinner date, and can even light up your cigarettes in a decent way. Lighters generally are a very important tool because it is a fire source and it comes in handy. It is always advisable to keep a lighter at home or when you are travelling. Just make it sure that it is well kept to provide safety especially when there are children around.